My Little Gripe


Before I start, this was my first Evo and I had a great time. Meeting new people and watching the matches live was a great experience and I’m already looking forward to next year.

That being said, I was kind of screwed over in my pool.  Pool N.  After waiting a while, I finally had my name called, Stood up raised my hand, and the judges acknowledged me.  The judges told me I had to go to the main stage, and fight Rico Suave, and immediately after I was told, Rico found me and took me to the line to play on stream.  

We waited for a while, and eventually It was Ricos and I's turn.  We played, he beat me. GG's. However, when I went back to my pool I waited for my name to be called, I asked and the judges said they were finishing up Winners bracket first, so I sat back and waited.  Finally after another hour or so I asked a judge and he told me they were half way through losers.  He checked the bored and told me I was Dq'd hours ago for not showing up for my match against Rico suave, who I played on the main stage.

So even if I pulled off a miraculous upset against Rico (Who was a very nice guy) I would have still be dq'd and such.


So… the solution wasn’t to go find Rico and have him acknowledge that you two did in fact play together because…?


I had no reason to believe I had been dq’d. And I did do that, the Judge said there was nothing he can do. :\


So you got DQ’ed in winner bracket? Which means you were in losers bracket…Meaning you were in the same place you would have been anyway?


? I was dq’d in Winners Bracket. It means I didn’t get to play in Losers Bracket, it means I was Dq’d while waiting in line to play.


That sucks. Well, at least you got some tourny experience from the deal. It may not be much but its better than nothing.


dude you got straight fucked, don’t act like it’s not a big deal. You probably spent hundreds of dollars on the trip and they fucked you over.


I sometimes wonder if this kind of thing happens very often at a tournament like Evo. With 2,000~ entrants, there are bound to be some slip ups. What if there were enough that it altered the outcome of the tournament. I mean, really, if there were enough people who weren’t facing the correct opponent, how much could a pool/bracket potentially shift?


that’s why things are broken down into pools, to make things more managable. Whoever ran his pool shouldn’t be allowed to run one again.


hey, Evo has to do what it takes to proudly announce at the end, “we finished ON TIME!” and hype themselves.

you got robbed. this would have been more than a “little gripe” for me!


Did you at least get your money back or something? That’s some bullshit.


So did you go tell your judge the results directly after the match was over? From the way you tell it it sounds like you lost and then just hung around your pool assuming that he already knew.


That sucks man. Seems like you did everything right not to get DQ’d. Though, the situation for Super was different than it was for most games, as in, there was a shitload of people.

But yeah, in HDR I made sure not to DQ anyone that I knew was at least AT the event. Only people who I ended up giving the DQ stick to were the ones who never showed up. Every judge has a different style, and I’d like to hear your judges opinion on the matter (two sides to every story, etc)


Sounds like you got boned, big time. Stories like these make me hesitant to make the long trip to tourneys.


This is bullshit. However, did you physically go to the judge afterward and tell them the result of your match? If you didn’t, then I gotta say tough break, judges aren’t perfect but it’s mighty suspect that they automatically DQ you and not Rico Suave as well.


If a person get’s Dq’ed in winners bracket that puts them in losers bracket automatically.


Nothing suspect about it. Known players get preferential treatment. At the tournaments I attended, you were treated like shit if you weren’t known.

And lets not get into rigged seeding.


That’s bullshit, why didn’t you raise hell with the judge? This sounds like shit from one of Nin’s tournaments.


Pretty much true.


it was a joke Pool o had everyone trying to crowd around one judge whispering names that you couldnt here if you were more than 5 feet away. Miss your name 1 time you forfeited. They didnt want you to go to the bathroom because they kept saying you might be up next. Do you have any idea what it is like to have 131 people trying to crowd around one judge hoping they are able to here there name over a large crowd or else they forfeit shit was hectic and an overall joke. Get better judges that know how to handle there shit. I was right beside pool M and there judge made everyone stay in front of the table. he sat behind by himself with a the bracket posted up high and called out names and ran the shit in order. Pool O the judge stood in front of the table hold the bracket on the floor and randomly calling out matches.