My Little Pony characters that you find attractive


What equine from MLP:FIM gives you a raging hard-on the most.

Normally, I would go out on a limb and say all the MLP:FIM characters are drop dead sexy.
But for this occasion, I’ll say Twilight Sparkle because that purple asshole turns me on.

Next is Rarity
Snobby horses also give me a boner too.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :rofl:


The poll shut my brain down for a few seconds


Closing threads like these before they get even a single view/reply is one of the many reasons I should be a mod.


Someone punch this guy in the face


shut the fuck up weeaboo
you don’t got no game to tap that equine ass.


That would be a great disservice to the community.



If Kat and Annie don’t kiss soon I WILL JUST DIE Khn:IHFPOUGB(_jbpon9){*GHMISSINGNOpoaisghijapkmn


I looked away for 20 minutes. 20 fucking minutes.