My Luck > Yours - WK Gets 2 Free 60gb IPod Videos


Yea… so I ordered some shit from right…

Package came today as I expected it would. I open it up… everything is in there. No problems.

I finish taking all my stuff out of the box, and what is sitting on the bottom of it?

2 Black 60gb IPod Videos…

yea…not just one


it’s not on the shipping order and I’m gonna call my credit card company to make sure they weren’t charged to me, but since it’s not on the shipping order I’m pretty sure it’s not on my credit card. I didn’t even go into the ipod section in the store.

How did this happen? I don’t know. All I know is that they retail around 300 bucks and these fuckers are getting sold at like 250 apiece. So yea, if anyone wants one, lemme know. I’ll be glad to send it to you for 50 bucks off the retail price.


Nice for you~


I’ll pay you double what you did for one of them. Plus shipping. And…I dunno, you can nail my sister.




I had a dream, yesterday or the day before, I was surfing on SRK and read this thread before you actually made it this afternoon.

freaking weird :looney:


crazy 0_0


can you dream about mee making a thread about winning 3 ps3s


Oh go do a cartwheel off a cliff… [/Jealousy]


White people get all the breaks.


Tell me about it.


Aw wtf… this wasn’t about buy/sell or whatever… meh, whatever…

I was just basking in my own fortune and mentioned that if someone wanted them I would let them go


Whatever you money hungry hippie.


We call you a “cutter” now. BANISHED.