My Madcatz 360 TE Rant: A temporary solution to a permanent problem


This thread is a follow up to my one where I talked about intermittent problems with my 360 TE. Problems that I had with it were triggers going out on me and “please reconnect your controller” messages.

In my other thread I mentioned how madcatz were going to be sending me a replacement pcb and I figured I would give anyone interested an update. I talked to someone from SRK who apparently had gotten replacements from madcatz, and he told me his pcb clean with no solder/wires attached to the power traces and that his replacement has been going one month strong with no issues. When I first got my replacement, the pcb looked used and the wires were trimmed off. No big deal, I figured they just took it out of a working TE.

I installed my TE PCB with my cthulhu and impboard like I did my first pcb. Everything was working flawless, except 10 minutes in I already got a please reconnect your controller message… this time it was different though. It would replug the controller back in after the message popped up. The old message I got would just kill the controller until I replugged it in. I checked all the connections again just to make sure, even though I was positive everything was fine, but that has yet to happen again. Few weeks later my triggers start going out again. I gave madcatz another call and they sent me another pcb. PCB was in the same condition as the first one I received. I didn’t think too much of it, so I went ahead to install it to find out it was a dead pcb that wouldn’t even power on.

So what is the point of this thread? The point of this thread is for me to vent my frustrations at madcatz products.

Am I really that unlucky to have 3 defective pcbs in a row? I’m surprised there aren’t more reports of these problems on the forums. Personally almost everyone I know has this problem, dual mod or not.

Another question on my mind is whether or not madcatz is just sending me defective pcbs they get from other customers… I’m displeased about my experience, but at this point I don’t even feel like calling again.

Just so no one automatically assumes I did a bad job modding my stick, similar problems have been reported by both toodles and shinjn.

I wish madcatz would fix this issue because honestly I think the TE sticks are very nice, but to have these intermittent pcb issues just offsets the whole product. The only solution I have at the moment is to just reassign my buttons so that i’m not using the triggers. A temporary solution to a permanent problem. I hope I don’t get a please reconnect your controller message again in a few weeks.

Anyone have any solutions or anything better to add? I’m pretty frustrated at the moment.