My Madcatz arcade stick broke SE. Should I?


My Madcatz arcade stick broke SE.
Should I send it to madcatz and wait the ridiculous 4 to 6 weeks?
Return it to gamestop?
Try to fix it and order the parts to mod it?

I am leaning towards trying to fix it myself, and void the warranty. Even if I cant fix it, once its modded it will be a better controller. I do not have much faith in madcatz fixing it for good anyways. I know a lot of people complain about the function of the stick but I enjoyed it the 4 hours it worked.

On the other hand I could just build a stick, but I would rather keep it simple and I am sort of addicted to the game and want to play it as soon as possible.

Oh I must add, the buttons work fine it’s the stick that doesnt work at all in any direction.


D. Get a hammer and smash it to pieces


No. It’s a perfectly good case. Best thing to do is get a JLF or an LS-32-01 and replacement buttons as fast as possible. There are tons of people around here that sell hacked PCBs, you wont have an issue getting it to work, should the MC PCB die.


if you know its the stick and not the pcb it may be faster just to buy a new one … if its the pcb and you open the case youre probably screwed


Thank you, that is what I wanted to hear. I really do like the case, and as long as I can fix my way out of it I am not worried about it. I was using zangif and spinning the stick when it stopped working. I cannot go back to using a ps3 controller now that I got use to the stick.


The good thing about being a PS3 stick, is you always have Cthulu boards, making life even easier should the PCB go out.


In your opinion is it possible that the stick could stop working and it not be the PCB?


I fixed it. I guess when it happened (stopped working during match) I moved the setting from DP to RS to see if that would fix it and I read a post where someone else had the same issue. I just put it back to DP. I never play with those buttons either =)