My Madcatz Te Stick connector cable broke

Well technically it is ripped in the upperhalf of the cable due to folding the cable, and now the stick doesn’t even turn on anymore. Is there any place I can buy another connector cable or fix this? My TE stick is the MvC2 TE stick for the 360.

The USB cable? It’s just 4 wires. You’ll have to solder to replace it though.

You just splice the broken wires.
Or get a new USB cable and solder on.

But what is a connector cable?

I think he possibly means that portion that goes from the breakaway cable like that from the orginial xbox, except it goes to USB instead of the Xbox’s controller extension.

So these things.

I don’t really know what Xaolin is wanting.

I have a few of those breakaway cables. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. Let me know.