My manga was published! Could I get your opinions?


The book’s called Rx. It’s already been sold in a limited print run with a publisher, and now I’m trying to expose it to a wider audience online. I had to wait till the print copies were all sold before I could upload it. Here’s the link to read it:

I appreciate any thoughts and critiques. Thanks.


Where is my fan character’s special cameo?



Project Alpha reeks of “Penis Monster” to me for some reason. I can’t call it.

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lol. I admit, that wasn’t half bad. The start wasn’t too fast, nor was it too slow. It can still go anywhere from what I see. Unfortunately, I have no advice or crits to add. I guess only the future will tell. :tup:



@NickRocks Weeaboo alert

…Seriously, though- congrats.


Good stuff, love the bad guy (Or badder guy) made up of pure bacteria. I wish you much success!


So what was the process like? I know from various conversations online and offline there are a decent number of people on SRK who are interested in doing exactly what you just did (myself honestly included). Anything you’d do different? Future plans?

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Hey, man. Glad you continued the Dragonball story line. I always wanted to know what happened to Goku.


First off CONGRATS ON BEING PUBLISHED!!! Ignore most of these art scrubs they know not of the grind it takes to get to that point. How many rejection letters did you get? I got around 200-300 before i did my webcomic.

Ill check it out when i get on my laptop


gonna check it out. congratulations mothafucka!!! on da first page and enjoying myself so far. will update my opinion after im done, but just wanted to say congrats first.


Congrats! Ima have to check it later buf Im diggkn the art style. Wish you the most success!


Very nice art! :smiley:


Wtf did i just read?


That was…interesting.


First i’ll start with a congratulations on getting published.
I’ll then end with a stop writing this weeaboo garbage and use your talents for a non pederast medium.


Don’t normally read this type of stuff so I can’t compare, but I enjoyed it. I’m left to wonder, however, how this can even be profitable if as soon as it’s released it’s free for anyone to read.


I enjoyed that.

Congrats on getting published. :tup:


Congratz on getting published man must be a very awesome feeling =)


Only two cents I could add is that some pages lack the use of black areas.
But most of them are really well balanced.

(Also, kudos for not using comic sans. lol)


Visually, it’s very DBZ meetings One peacy (I like it)

TLDR but it looks awesome!!!