MY match vids ( help me get better)

Regarding rolento, believe it or not. Thats the first time ive ever played against a rolento… I guess thats what i get for being in Ga. Also with the blanka thing, when i jumpin and land a c short, i always fuck the next c short up. And theres not enough charge time for to get off just c short s jab super

One last thing. Im thinking of switching out geese for chun li. Geese just isnt getting it done for me on the ground. It sems so hard for him to get within his optimal range in c groove. So ya im thinking either sag,chun,blanka or vega(claw),sag,blanka. I havent decided which one yet

<–Play k groove because it’s soooooo dirty.

if you land a jump in rh with blanka, then crouching short, standing jab, super should combo all the time. just make sure that AS SOON AS you jump, you return the stick to down back to charge. crouching short, crouching short with blanka is pretty tough to get consistently (and under pressure), so don’t even bother with it. and crouching short, standing jab, super is tough initially, that’s why you practice it a whole bunch. i do the crouching short, standing jab, then HOLD jab, whip out the motion really quick, and press fierce.

hmm, one glaring problem with putting C-chun li second is that you’ll face a whole lot of A-sakura’s, and sakura counters chun li plain and simple.


I notice that you ignored my advice and the advice of everyone else here to improve your execution. Instead, you are looking for parlor tricks like “if someone activates in mid-air, maybe I should use jump fierce instead of uppercut to get the extra pixel of happiness”

You could try not to ignore all the advice and practice your execution. This will help you improve your play more than learning stupid things that will not help you improve your play.

I only watched the first vid so far. however I can say this. Learn your Geese Links. You always Combo into a Reppuuken, but you know Reppuuken can’t be comboed into in those situations. You could have easily just LP and Swept them instead for more damage and a knockdown.

And I have seen you Cross up or Jump attack into a LP into a LP into…nothing. Remember, always Press your attack. Even if it ends with a sweep.

You need to improve on your pressure strings.

And yes you do have what it takes to be a skilled player. Practice more.

I’m not that great at this game so my advice may not count, but I noticed a few things.

1.) When you were in C-Groove you would sit on a full meter for almost the whole match. I saw you use an alpha-counter on that shoshosho custom, but where was it on Rolento’s custom (You had a full three bars)? How can you use LVL 2 cancels when you aren’t willing to use meter?

2.) You roll way to much. I could pretty much predict when you were going to roll. A lot of the time you would get in trouble in the corner and try to roll your way out. Sometimes you would roll for no apparent reason. I saw you connect a roll into tiger uppercut a couple times but that was lucky, so don’t rely on it. You should mainly only roll to get through projectiles, or close the gap between your opponent.

3.) You jump even more then you roll, which isn’t a good thing. A lot of the time you would get yourself in trouble and jump backwards multiple times in a row and trap yourself in the corner. Try to play footsies on middle ground and only jump when you see a solid opportunity, or else expect to eat an AA.

I didnt think i needed to say that i was practicing my execution burghy. I feel that theres more wrong with my game than just execution, but thats obviously one thing im working on.

Thats a GOOD way to eat a super…Play k groove like me and you can just douple tap the stick forward for a quick burst of speed and stop.(repeat till closer) I find that more sufficient than rolling, since you’re conrolling how close you get to your opponent and it’s easier to block. When you roll you can’t like roman cancel the roll so you can block or tech a throw…that would be broken as hell. :lol:

Roman cancel? We’ve moved on to GGX now?
BTW, on the broken scale, SvC > CvS 2 > GGX :smiley:

Well he plays C not K, so dashing might be better.

We can’t see your other mistakes because they are swamped by your glaring execution problems. It’s like dumping a kilogram of salt onto a potato and saying “Hey guys how do you think this potato tastes, is there any way I can improve my cooking”

Just got the vids, let’s see…

vid 1:

0:21- you block a Rolento patriot circle, hesitate, then just low fierce. You should have done s.fierce xx level 1 high tiger. At the very least, do a roundhouse tiger knee to knock Rolento down and get yourself out of the corner.

0:34- you roll uppercut. Do I hear somebody yelling “what a fag”? :lol: Anyway, Sagat can punish tech rolls after a fierce uppercut with an immediate dash, walk forward a little bit, standing fierce xx high tiger super. Always dash after fierce DPs anyway since that’s how all of Sagat’s set ups start.

0:49- you land a jumping roundhouse with meter and… do nothing. There is no reason to NOT attack after a jumpin. Rolento should be dead already.

1:52- you do low jab, low fierce xx double reppuken with Geese. This is never a good thing, and there’s a huge gap there for you to get killed in. If you’re going to do a guard pattern like that, do strong reppuken instead. It actually combos. If you’re trying to chip somebody to death, combo into a hcb+k.

2:26- you land a Geese cross up on Sakura with meter, and instead opt to do a guard crush pattern. When doing a jump in, always assume it’s going to hit and prepare to do your most damaging combo. Once you realize it’s blocked, THEN you shift your attention to doing guard damage or mix ups.

3:35- your Blanka dashes right into his his opponent’s face and rolls. Was that a failed attempt at an RC elec? If so, fine. Otherwise, that was a really horrible idea.

3:43- his Blanka rolls at you, you try to punish with low short and mess up, he CCs. Now, aside from the fact that you messed up punishing Blanka’s roll, AND the fact that he messed up timing the CC to punish your low short, you could have cancelled your low short into a KKK backhop out of there after the CC flash. It’s a vital tool for Blanka, particularly against Sakura, so get into the habit of doing it.

3:46- you’re blocking a Blanka CC, then suddenly you stand up and get hit by a slide. What was that? Were you trying to AC? General rule of thumb: don’t AC customs with Blanka. Chances are your AC is going to get beat clean.

3:57- you cross up his Blanka, hit a low short… then immediately jump in again. This time, he clearly whiffs a standing fierce so your jump in hits, but you do another low short… into nothing. Again, it looks like your jumping with the intention of pressuring instead of doing actual damage. Both of those instances should have resulted in a win from you.

4:09- REALLY bad time to slide there. You were obviously too close. Luckily, your opponent decides not to punish it.

General: your Sagat is jiggling at like 3/4ths screen away. There’s no real point in doing that. Sagat is at his best at half screen distance, where he’s in range to counter everything you could possibly do.

Chill out on the Geese fireballs, especially after low forwards and roundhouses. They’re not safe.

Learn low short, standing jab xx super with Blanka, and ALWAYS be looking for it. C-Blanka doesn’t get many chances to land his supers. Take what you can. Oh, and you’re not using his KKK hop back nearly enough. That’s the move that originally put him into top tier status.

vid 2:

0:27- umm, yea. That was really bad decision to try to cross up Blanka there. He’s waking up, he raged. Wake up super is the first thing on every K-Blanka’s mind.

in numerous instance you’re doing Geese low forward xx fireball on Blanka. In one of those instances he was raged. Don’t. Ever. Do. That.

1:35- again, you land a clean low jab with a full meter Geese, and instead opt to go for some kind of guard bar pattern. You could have easily evened up the game right there.

2:17- Sagat knocks down your Blanka and runs right at him. You have full meter. There is absolutely nothing K-Sagat can do in this situation to avoid a wake up super.

2:47- RC elec does not beat most level 3’s unless done AFTER the level 3.

General: you’re having a lot of problems against sloppy K-Groove rushdown. Stick out a lot more stuff and he’ll run/low jump into it. Sagat standing short and forward are your best friends. Geese standing fierce or roundhouse, Blanka standing strong and hop back.

vid 3:

0:30- if you hit an RC elec, you can punish tech rolls after with a dash into sweep.

0:33- Blanka can punish a Blanka level 3 with a fierce ball.

1:00- you block a point blank Blanka slide, are in position to do short jab xx ball for the win, and you sweep. This makes Blanka raged, and then you cross him up. Baaaaaaaad habit.

1:23- random Blanka rolls are almost never a good thing. Even if Sagat happened to fierce or something there he still would have recovered with plenty of time to throw/combo you.

1:52- you knock a raged K-Sagat down, get next to him, and eat a low short. Luckily, he didn’t convert it into a super. What were you trying to do?

2:52- your Bison throws K-Sagat, making him raged. You jiggle a little bit, and SLIDE. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. The slide luckily hits, but then you proeed to do an RC scissor from WAY too close. If you’re going to challenge his wake up like that at least do an RC psycho crusher. It’s about 500 times safer.

3:21- a really unwise point blank slide, which again luckily hits. If you’re going to do some sort of desperation move with Bison stick with psycho crushers.

3:27- another random scissor kick done way too close. One of the scariest things about A-Bison is his ability to abuse max ranged scissor kicks on cornered opponents.

3:33- you throw a raged Cammy in the corner, walk back a little, then jump at her. If Cammy would’ve been smart and did her up super there would’ve been nothing you could do about it, including CC.

3:37- you air to air Cammy with a jumping roundhouse. A pretty good move, but you could have won the match if you had done jumping strongs instead.

3:39- ANOTHER lucky slide on a raged opponent. When playing Bison, it’s better to just pretend he doesn’t have that slide. The risk/reward ratio is totally not in your favor.

3:50- you should learn the standard Bison guard crush CC. Not only could you have done a sizable amount of chip damage on Cammy, you also could have guard crushed her and got an additional combo for the win.

General: Hop. Back. More. With. Blanka. There was probably about 40 instances across these 3 games where a smart hop back would have greatly benefitted you.

-In A-Groove, use your meter a lot more.

-Think more about doing combos, less about doing canned guard bar patterns. If you were more technical, you probably could’ve won 2-0 without even having to use your third character.

-You’re not doing any of the things that make Sakura good: roundhouses, dive kicks, and hurricane kicks. Hurricane kicks alone give K-Sagat fits.

-Two words to live by: RISK and REWARD. Before you do that random Bison slide or jump in at a raged opponent, compare how much damage you could get compared to how much damage you could lose. This is why Bison slides are pretty much never recommended.

Thanks a lot to buk for taking the time to help a scrub like myself. Btw, you talked about doing a lot more back hops with blanka. Can you tell me when or in what situation those would be best used?

probably the biggest reason is for better positioning. also to escape CC’s (if you see an activation, mash KKK back hop).

Hop back to escape CCs, bait whiffs, and when you’re C Blanka (this is hella sexy btw so don’t use it around women, or they’ll rape you on the spot, and you’ll lose.) Back hop, they whiff, ULTRA sexy Electric Ballllllll.:eek: But remeber, never back hop into the corner, or too close against people who can punish it for free. (Sagat, Eagle come 2 mind). You can also use it against some jumpins if it’ll give you the positioning advatage.

Keep in mind as well that with Runs you can stop them faster (and as such, able to block faster) than dashes.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting up the vids!

My pleasure, using these tips im playing a much more patient game now. Almost like a turtle style but not quite. I never realized i jumped so much until i watched myself.