My Matches from STLBarWarz 8/18 - For critique and/or learning



Not a lot of Oni tournament videos getting posted here lately since Ultra… so here’s an archive from my most recent local. If you think I suck feel free to critique me and if you think I’m good feel free to learn things :slight_smile:

*Sorry for the segmented videos, I just explained how to do unsegmented videos to the guy who runs the local stream/archives and going forward he’ll do fully uncut archives.
vs VoraciousWays (M. Bison)
vs Mr. K (Yun)
(continued in next video of playlist)

WF vs Rex0r (Balrog)
LF vs Mike Webb (Rufus, Rose)(continued in next video of playlist)

GF vs Rex0r (Balrog)


Great videos, thanks for posting. Amazing you made it so far facing 4.5:5:5 - 4:6 match ups almost the entire way through. Great job. Really worked for those wins. How come you choose to include so many jabs into a lot of your strings? The announcer mentioned it as well that you seem to go for monster hit confirms and neglect max damage. What is your reasoning behind that?


My execution isn’t the best and I prefer the consistency of hitting a combo to the possibility of dropping it – if the damage is only like 20 less, I will jab first to make sure I complete it. If I’m going for max stun or whatever, I’ll do optimized cr.hp > slash > fadc though.

Some of it is a crutch that I’ve been working on (practicing more double b-mp plinks or cr.hp raws on FADC), but at other times it’s a situation where things happen quickly and I intentionally jab first because it’s easier to capitalize that way when you have to react quickly.