My mediocre SSD videos

Hey guys, so i recently had a friend come over to play some casuals, and recorded about 20 matches worth of marvel. While I’m fairly medicore, i figure it’s always nice to have Strider/doom vids cause there’s always a shortage.

“Good matches”

[media=youtube]x0CpBJPOcVk[/media] (at anime expo not my house but might as well put this here)




“Close matches (could go either way)”




“RAPE” (Don’t watch these matches if your tired of watching S/D get owned)



As stated, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome, please no “you suck.” I know lol, shit, if you don’t like em don’t watch em. There’s a bunch of other vids under my youtube account of me playing other teams from that night, like Santhrax, Scrub, etc. Feel free to watch those, but i figured i might as well list the clockw0rk matches since this is the Strider Thread.

I’m gonna post this over in the ninja school thread too if anyone looks over there.

A lot of the close matches could have gone either way and watching them again i want to kick myself in some of them for the decisions i made or didn’t make. A lot of those games i could have won but just didn’t.

some of that was pretty solid. I like it

Don’t dump hsf+doom if strider is still in the game. Try to only use HSF after a hit confirm on point so it can be used to do damage or use HSF to kill off a helper. Strider really likes the bar so work on meter management

keep working on sentinel because he’s a good bit of making strider successful. If he can maintain on point vs any team, chances are strider will come in with bar and can play solid. When strider has to make a comeback, I feel like thats the hardest spot for him because 1 fuck up while being agressive = game over.

those ending sequences after a hit orbs need some work. Work on multiple options to keep the opponent respecting you.

early rh bombs+doom on your side of the screen is a very solid AA option. If mag or storm try to come from that angle, they’ll have to stop the bombs, then doom. It works when properly used.

If you have the assist to your back and the opp’s point dies off, call doom late, c.fp. Don’t risk the bomb right there because if its mistimed, the helper leaves. The c.fp is the easier and safer option right there.

keep up the good work. You look like you have a good grasp on the team already

  1. thanks

  2. Yeah I’m workin on that. I usually HSF out of just panic because my Sent needs a lot of work. But yeah definitely gonna work on that. For a long time I always wondered why my strider came in with 1 bar when most people’s came in with 3 lol.

  3. Yes

  4. yeah

  5. Early bomb is good for stuffing triangles? I thought the bird by itself was better. If someone touches the bomb while it’s still in the clutches of the bird does it detonate? Why is bomb better than bird, or are both good?

  6. yeah i gotcha. In the vid I had, i meant to call doom instead of sent lol. The bomb is kind of for show cause clock vs josh wigfall rings in my head everytime i have an assist to my back, but i see your point.

Solid. I actually live in the same town as freestyle and get to play him pretty regularly. He really knows how to deal with s/d and i give you props for your win. I have vids of me vs. him too, and when i did win, it was by time over as well, hehe.

Your sentinel isn’t as bad as you think. A few times I felt that you were leaving him in there long, but that probably comes down to my personal preference to have at least a half life sentinel so I can use drones.

Shoult was talking about RH bombs with doom with Sentinel, not strider’s bombs. Although Strider’s bomb is very useful vs. Mag/Storm as well. To answer your question, the bomb is 100% invincible while the bird is carrying it across the screen. Once the bird drops it, it can be destroyed.

Both bombs and birds are good but in different scenarios. When Mags/Storm are coming down at a high angle, ie super jumping at you to get away from drones/doom/animals, the bomb is better because it simply hangs out there longer. Birds ( in conjunction with drones) are excellent at stuffing square dashes and trijumps at medium range.

Birds are good against Sentinel too but there is a spot he can fly in so that the bird flies under him. In this case i would go for bombs. If he’s going stomp crazy on you he has to stop and respect the bomb.

I’m not nearly the bomb specialist as Shoultzula is though. I’m sure he’ll have some good stuff to tell you.

edit: also, (i have this problem too) you might wanna not call doom out from full screen so much, especially when you don’t have much meter… He can easily get punished that way.

Good work! Are you going to evo?

this is shoultz

I was talking about sent early RH bomb with doom to make an AA. But the bomb itself is a good AA tool. If you dig through the archives I made a thread a long time ago called “da bomb” or some shit like that. There’s a good bit of bomb info in there.

proper bombs with strider are good against sentinel if he gets stomp happy. If he’s too agressive, he can kick into it while strider blocks the normal from sent. Of course, they’ll stop doing that eventually but its there to create a gap to allow for some movement.

lol gotcha sent bombs.

what are some other ways to end the trap rotations? i tend to end with fierce roundhouse cause those cause the most blockstun for doom’s rocks to travel the screen to retrap.

and Locdown, not sure, figuring out housing issues and seeing if have money, we’ll see.

on block to my knowledge, strider doesn’t have one string where its guaranteed all the time. Every single one of his traps can be guard cancelled out of. @ that point vs someone, what you have to do is create multiple block setups and create anti guard cancel strings to stop the opponent from jumping. With multiple setups and anti guard cancel strings, it boils down to a guessing game to guard cancel out of the trap. When you finally get someone guessing, thats where the hits come into the picture.

you can check out s\d vids on the preppy’s site or youtube and copy other players till you feel like you know what you’re doing.

Thats just how I see it though.

nice video of you vs. sirbryan on the boat stage

just one question;
what did you use to put the FF7 on that stage and the maddeon '95 theme on char select

yes, well i thought it was just the “NFL” theme but yeah tahts the character select music, and yeah ff7 for the boat stage.

ah i see, but how did you get them on there?

there is a post somewhere on shoryuken that teaches how to do custom marvel 2 copies.

Go to that guy’s website. I didn’t invent this or anything lol, custom mvc2 disks have been around for a long time. Did you notice my whole team was black and blue? custom colors and music are both very commonly done now. Check out that site.