My mistake. . . my 360 joystick is still broken

Ok i may sorry to edit this topic so quickly. I’ll get right to the problem again. My xbox 360 custom joystick as acting sporadically. Every time I turn on the xbox, the controller will flash and then the controller will turn off. It doesn’t blink but is a constant light that holds for a few seconds. Sometimes it syncs up with the xbox, it did just once forcing me to prematurely attempt to close this topic. Now it either syncs up then turns itself off, or just flashes and doesn’t read with the xbox altogether. Anyone have an idea what’s wrong?

er… you do?

apparently not, I thought syncing it would solve the problem. Maybe the one time i got it to work by pressing sync was a fluke -.- The fact that it reads and then cuts off makes me feel like this is just the sign failing about to burn out PCB

try plugging into your computer.

why does your wired controller have a sync button?

it doesn’t, i just tried pressing the home button along with the sync button on the xbox out of desperation. Its maintained a fair consistency so far. Problem is, now the player 1 light doesn’t light up even thought it’s hooked up. I’ll update some more if anything goes wrong.