My most wanted change for AE2013

Or, why the hell does the combination of “very good buttons” and “fast walk speed” seem to be almost the exclusive right of charge characters. Out of high walk speed characters nearly all footsie-based ones are charge characters, barring perhaps Akuma, Cammy, Yun and Evil Ryu, and most of those are stretching it. It’s freaking irritating. Buttons. I wants 'em. : (

To make up for their inability to do special moves whenever they want, which certainly affects their playstyle and ground game.

Also, I’m pretty sure threads like are either a) not allowed, or b) talked to death in other threads.

i want the unblockables/reverse blockables eliminated

at first i thought they were pretty cool. but at this point i dont think they add anything meaningful to the game

I’d like all lights to have infinite JP ('cept Gen crane c.LK of course) because resets. Resets everywhere.

Antiairs that do their job properly instead of trading with or flat losing to half of all jumpattacks / air specials

Any specific one in particular?
I for one think its retarded that they nerfed Fei’s flame kick to pretty much trade a shit ton. DP trades dont make any fucking sense when there are normals that are amazing AAs, bar certain ones like Adon’s (wrong angle\strength or something)

Fei’s flamekick doesn’t trade, you just have to do it deep

nerf sweep anti airs (dj cr.rh, chun cr.rh)
shit doesnt even look like an anti air and does better job than most normals designed to anti air

Remove the ability to FADC non-ex 3-4F dps (j/k that would totally destroy so much balance, just a frustrating thing to have to deal with)

I just wish there was some way to remove the DP trade to ultra that chars have.

A lot of DP’s technically shouldn’t trade because the first active frame is still invincible.
Trades still happen.

I just want Dan to actually be good. :sad:

what makes you say that

then they’re still too late. in contrast to st there are no mysterious time/frame independent glitches. if it trades you did it too late and if you’re on the other side and it allows your opponent to ultra your jumpin was no good.

chun’s sweep could always be done for an AA. In a lot of games actually

They could say that Sagat only put Dan’s dad into coma and he comes back stronger than any shoto characters :confused:

That there isnt a AE2013 patch.

Make Dan a little faster and for the love of all that is fucking holy can someone nerf Ryu and Ken’s jumping roundhouse? I mean seriously, WTF man, W. T. F. I can not get over the priority, damage and hitbox of that idiotic move

Bison’s C.HP eats it for breakfast.

He lives! In my avatar! HAHAHA


Im sure I’ve seen Mago trade on DP. DPs are weaker than they should be. Compared to something like Sakura’s cr hp.

the idea of every character having some silly corner hard knockdown 50/50 that has no bearing on which side the characters are actually on is stupid to me.

i dont mind the hard KD set ups or honest ambiguous cross ups, but seeing a characters entire model on one side and having to block him on the other dependant of what button he pushed or was he a frame or so off, destroys the fundamental concept of playing good defense

and every character that has an attack that crosses up has this type of thing. so it isnt like its the glue holding a certain characters offense together

fei’s dp wasnt nerfed in terms of hitbox. it always traded when done early since vanilla. it starts out with the hitting part of the attack sticking out more horizntally than vertical . by the time it gets above his head he is fully vulnerable

you stop this by doing it late or by spacing yourself so that the opponents jump ins can only hit you at waist level and not in the head.

other characters can stop trades by doing crouch dps. the idea being that your crouching vulnerable box is at a lower point than the first active frame of your DPs hitbox