My most wanted change for AE2013

Nah, all. The worst case being intentionally trading with your DP so you can combo into some retarded damage (helloes Viper),
but just chars who don’t have access to a DP losing entire matchups because their AAs trade with/lose against certain characters jumpins/divekicks/whatever is shitty design.
Can’t play footsies if your enemy can just jump around randomly.

Oh man that ex command grab… It looked so damn badass… :frowning:
Also if Oni had all those moves then that old Oni is banned joke would turn legit. :eek:

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 3rd Strike?
Not sure if want…

Oh look, people complaining about a perfectly balanced SF awaiting to ruin it with another patch, what a surprise.

Hope Capcom won’t be stupid enough to actually listen to you this time around, but then Capcom can be retarded at times so it’s still possible I guess.

Well one thing I’d be interested in seeing done is fixing things that were simply oversights. (mostly just some moves have state flags for certain frames already set but that were left empty for some reason)

Cody’s f-HK having the state flag check marked to “airborne” for the state check on 8F-25F just like in SFxT
Cody’s b-MP having the state flag check marked to “Counterhit” for the startup frames (he can’t be counterhit during b-mp they set the frame data then forgot to set the actual character state during those frames)

Whatever that was supposed to be set for the active frame state of Viper close s.MK, Claw’s PPP backflip has an empty state setting for 30-40F. I’m sure there are at least a handful of others.

Also it’d be nice if they buffed Cody’s badstone from 50 to 60 dmg… Seriously, in Alpha 3 badstone had the highest damage at 13 (more than even Ryu or Sagat, only a charged Sakura fireball was higher) and it had the most stun (almost twice as much stun as a Hadoken). Now it is the lowest damage grounded fireball in the game (tied with Juri who can store 3 fireballs and combo into and out of them) /saltyrant

Was AE 2013 announced? If not, I honestly think it shouldn’t be mentioned.

that AE2013 never happens and perhaps we get an AE2014 instead… the game is at a point where so many characters can win, yeah sure some are a little ott still but you have to admit that a huge pile of the cast has the means to get shit done now :stuck_out_tongue:

  • To be added:
    Post hit after opponent is K.O
    Color Edit mode like cvs2
    Training Mode online
    Recording timing extended to x time
    Option to show hitboxes available
    Option to change announcer
    Improved A.I of CPUs on harder difficulties
    Boss Mode of Akuma / Gouken / Evil Ryu / Oni available for giggles + Boss Challenge mode (unavailable for online)
    New stages (car destroy and barrel stage + old stage back like ken’s alpha 2 stage / rose’s stage)
    Music from old games available NOT remastered
    And yes small rebalancing if **necessary **(on my part, bringing the zoning/footsie game and the rushdown/pressure game to near an equal level)

Just want a rematch for online 2 people lobby

Make Makoto’s cross up not suck complete ass. Only change I’ve wanted for a while now.

Just do something about the unblockables. Character expression is suffering because of it.

Active frames for Akuma’s buttons (and Oni’s air ones too)

Yeah, poor akuma, he really needs some buffs.

buff yang for godsake

How about you take responsibilty for your lack of success as a player instead of blaming it on your character’s suckiness.

Unblockables prolly can’t be removed unless there’s some massive overhaul.

Get rid of that crazy Blanka costume. And fire the guy that came up with that design.

rlly? nerf ryu? even my mom knows the matchup! he sux!!! you loose to ryu,your damn fault!

i wish better netcode and just buff the weak ones and leave the strong ones alone… thats it
and give ryu back that corner escape tatsu that you assholes took away from him :stuck_out_tongue:

better they fuck with another sf4 game instead of bringing their bad ideas into sf5. they need to address some really stupid issues that have been there since vanilla if they plan on making a sf5 because that would be a major bummer.

perfectly balanced? nope. and who really cares. the game is mad boring now especially since it’s so hard-knockdown, ambiguous/unblockable jump-in heavy for 90% of the cast. there isn’t much variety even with 39 characters and most match ups put me to sleep. it’s so slow and mash friendly that it’s more frustrating to play than to enjoy it. too bad it’s basically the only sf game people are playing right now.

they could go the cross tekken route where everything has a massive cross up box. instead of unblockables you get a bunch of 2 sided blockables where you block front side and they land behind and vice versa