My mother's ex-boyfriend has been living in our attic for over 12 years


And all of these years I thought the tooth fairy actually existed. :sad:

Most everyone has heard of the mysteriously ghoulish “things that go bump in the night.” For one South Carolina woman, that “thing” was her ex-boyfriend, who she found living in her attic more than 12 years after they had broken up.

Tracy [last name withheld], a Rock Hill, S.C., resident and single mother of five, says she heard a thump from up above and saw nails start popping out from her bedroom ceiling Saturday, Yahoo! News reported.

Around 2:30 a.m. Tracy felt as if “something just ain’t right," she told the Charlotte Observer. When she heard noises in the attic and saw nails popping out, she thought “there was some poltergeist stuff going on."

It wasn’t the devil dancing on the ceiling. It was her ex-boyfriend, who had been living in her attic for about two weeks since he was released from prison, according to WCNC.

The two had broken up more than 12 years ago. She never considered getting back with him, despite him claiming in letters he sent from jail that he had changed. She thought he had gone to Charlotte after his latest arrest.

Her adult sons and her nephew found him asleep in the back of the attic. “They found a man. He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit,” Tracy told WCNC, saying that her ex-boyfriend ran downstairs and out of the house before police got there.

They found several “Route 44” Sonic cups filled with feces and urine, according to Local 8. They also saw that the ex-boyfriend had rigged the ceiling vents so he could look down at Tracy in her bedroom from his spot in the attic.

The only access to the attic is through a door from inside the home, in the hallway that connects her children’s bedrooms, according to Local 8.

“It’s got me flabbergasted,” Tracy told the Charlotte Observer. “How can you look at someone through an air vent?”

The suspect is still at large. He is described as a black male, 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that the woman whose ex was found living in her attic is a resident of Rock Hill, N.C. Despite alternate media reports, Rock Hill is on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, and is located in the state of South Carolina. A correction has been made.


Reduce reuse recycle your sonic cups into toilets.

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A Route 44 can hold a LOT of shit.


was this him?


Hide ya wife, hide ya kids, they rapin everybody out here…


Shouldnt it say “2 weeks” instead of 12 years? They broke up over 12 years ago then he got out of jail.


Now if that ain’t love, than I don’t know what is…


Good old wildly inaccurate thread titles.


He has been living in there for two weeks.


I wish it really was 12 years.

Or 22.

So I could be like “I would call this a Catch-22, but since it TOOK 22 YEARS TO CATCH HIM…”

Aw, we can all dream…


Seriously… reading comprehension goes a long way.


I remember a similar story from an SRKer about a dude who was stalking his mom and he was just chillin in their crib for a while.


Angry Liberal, where the fuck are you? I need to make some Arrested Development references and I’m uncomfortable doing so without the presence of one of the initiated.




Why the fuck don’t women get that spare set of keys back when they break up with crazy men?!


Okay 2 weeks of feces and urine build up is a lot more believable than 12 years.
Still… How could you NOT notice the smell??


But it’s funnier the other way. Just let it be, dawg!


Now that I see the OP’s name… makes sense.


Really, SRK? No one comments on what an absolutely retarded waste of space the woman was for not noticing for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and chalking it up to “well, must be dem poltergeists actin up”???

Although to be fair, “Rock Hill, South Carolina resident”, “single mother of five”, and “absolutely retarded waste of space” is a triple redundancy.