My MvC2 Team: What'ya think?

Ok i’ve been playing MvC2 since back in the ol’days around 1999, when it first came out for dreamcast, and now have it for PS2. But i NEVER played against anyone just the cpu, and thought it was “good”.

Was not till i came to college in my first semester that i began playing against other people and soon learned my skills were quite lacking. Not just because of no experience against real opponents,but also because i was not used to arcade controls. There are only a select few characters i feel comfortable with playing at the arcade. I got beat ALOT.

Now that i recently got my Team together,thats changed! :rofl:

The team:
Cyclops/ Projectile assist
Juggernaut/ Dash assist
Captain Commando/ Anti-Air assist

I start out with good ol’Cyclops, an excellent “shoto” type character with good basic attacks, combined with Captain Commando’s Shock assist whenever possible. This kicks alot of ass on its own. Then when Cyke is a bit low on energy,thats when Juggy comes in! By then the Super Meter is always at least Lv.3 and as soon as i see an opening BAM! all 3 supers.

Juggernaut is a bit too slow for me but i’ve gotten pretty good at fending off the enemy long enough+Commando’s Assist to help, to charge up a Super. His Headcrush is fast and Oh-so CHEAP! :bgrin:

In the event Juggy and Cyke get taken out, Commando is fresh and i’m the best with him than the other two, which gets the job done afterwards.

Before i used to lose ALOT, now i’m one of the “best” there. Only about 2-3 out of 20 other guys there can get a win over me now usually.

So what do you think? Am i cheap?

Vegeta: “I fight to Win!”

what a bait out

also there is an mvc2 section

what a champ.

juggs = “cheap”

Performs HeadCrush Super on Acer,destroying him

I’ll play you for money.


cyke’s a pussy when it comes to taking damage, and cap com is not a threat w/o assists. if you are the “best” in the area thats great, but in larger tournaments, people are probably going to laugh at you.

i think corky could put together a better team than you.

Y wait till tournies lets laugh at the scrub now.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Scrubs are the funniest.


Good luck winning. At all.

and yet i bet he could beat your scruby clockwork with that team.

if you truly believe u can win with that team then go for it, hell look at team z.

Wtf the 13 year old gets balls? Ha ur are the scrubiest player ever. Remember u

  1. Lose to Andres
    Y is it that ur “best” team in Marvel is the one to always get cosistantly raped and/or OCVed.


This team might be better for you. I use it and it works against people. Cyc and Cap can both fight behind drones assist. Sentinel can use both cyc or commando for unblockables and if one assist is badly hurt you can switch up and use the other one. Build meter and prepare to DHC especially cyc to sentinel DHC.

Cyclops/ Anti-Air
Sentinel / Drones Assist
Captain Commando/ Anti-Air assist


play jugg dash
sent drones
tronne projectile

thats my tournie team

A. i lost to andres because i was tired. and incase you didn’t hear about it, i played andres in a MM, raped him, and proved he has no skills.

B. yeah i got perfected but hey whatever, i got perfected by peter, the nigga plays everyone in NY ever freaking year, while i play with average marvel players here in miami, so if im going to get perfected, hey i would want it from a player like peter.

i ain’t the first guy to get perfected in marvel, and besides i actually liked getting perfected because it reminded me that i still have a long way to go before i can play with the big marvel cats.

but whatever i can understand why you would make fun of some guy on srk posting his, after all you are what…4 feet tall, so im sure this is the way you make yourself feel like a big man, and FYI im 15, and for the srkers out there reading this, im taller than him( he’s in his 20s).


Stop hating on beginners.

The only way i really see your team doing anything is if your opponents are running into moves all day, not punishing assists, etc… duc’s team is at least in the ‘playable’ list.

This is the thread for your area:

See if any of them know how to play and are willing to come down or you come up. College campuses often make attractive places for tournaments so see if you can get something going. Having 20 or so players (if that is accurate) is a good start, but be prepared for some shakeups if you want to get to the next level.


What does my height have to do with how i play marvel? Yes im 5’2 and proud of it. Y would i even name myself Lilman if i even cared about short jokes at this point in my life. Point in fact im shorter but still better. or would u like to have this argument with the Miami Crew?


the team that was suggested earlier (cyke / sentinel / commando) actually sounds pretty viable. trade juggs for sentinel and play your heart out. that actually sounds like a pretty fun team in general. have fun with your game.


we knew i had no skills in marvel to begin with

shut up, i don’t get perfected by peter even when he’s playing mad serious.

it reminded me that you suck nuts.

noone gives a fuck how tall he is. i bet you he could floor you in one punch and then take a shit on your face and make you call him daddy. :rofl:

also, please remove your mouth from ducvader’s cock.