My nephew just got beaten up by an adult

I don’t even…So my brother and his family live up in Canada. Anyway, my nephew Skip was hanging out with a couple of his buddies when some “huge middle aged guy” happened to walk along. They took a couple steps back to clear the way for him and he starts screaming at them about respecting their elders and not having time for their shit “because it’s laundry month.”

I guess the guy started after them, and Skip kind of panicked and stumbled. Guy got ahold of him and kicked him in the face repeatedly and even spit on him.

Like, he’s fuckingeleven. What the fuck, Canada?

And do they know who did this? He sounds mentally out of it. Wtf is laundry month? Is he trying to clean up the skreetz of Canada?

That nigga need to get handled PLAYBOI

Nope. Some guy who looked like “a smaller Kingpin with a beard.”

fuck your nephew, his nose is/was too soft

Tell him that beatings put hair on his nuts.

I dunno, but you should suck his dick in celebration if you ever meat him, you’d probably not be worthy of a fist bump.


Hey, there’s no telling if Skip would be a redhead.

I could probably beat up Vynce too.

just sayin’

You’re all hopped on on (someone else’s) child abuse right now. Take it easy, Internetster Stallone.

Anyone related to you I deem damned.

Grab some baseball bats and hunt that fucker down.

hockey sticks > baseball bats

This is fucking hilarious.

Why is your nephew’s name is Skip?

He was born without hair and we we all hoping the ginger gene would skip him.

law of the jungle…you don’t gotta be faster than what will kill you, you just have to be faster than the slowest, weakest one of your friends.

didnt even laugh in my head tbh

You know how some people are always talking as if they don’t have an internal monologue?

The smart solution is to sue but the primate in me says otherwise lol but that’s a situation that needs to be handled by the parents asap.
The situation can be handled in a calm and collective [Break the fucker] manner in which an efficient solution to the issue can be achieved in a clean and satisfactory manner.

Where did this happen in Canada? Was this in Tdot? I live there and seeing something like that I cant imagine happening. But this city is fucked up so you never know lol