My new and improved all veneer box

Rate my box! All wood, no plexiglass top. 6 coat of varnish. Made with russian cherrywood veneer.

Interior shot coming next week when the wiring is done. I personnally never tought i would be able to do a box like this 3 weeks ago.

For more!

That’s a real beaut man. Enough room for a coffee on it too (coaster mandatory).

i just noticed my front hole are not varnished well on the first picture. Just applied another coat in the hole

Nice work, pretty classy.
I’m waiting till somebody makes a humidor case. Have a victory cigar after a battle!

Did you just make up the design yourself or duplicate something off line either way its pretty classy

i made up the design on the go . I had no plan at all . Im glad you guys like it! I wanted my box to be classy and it looks like i was right on the target!

I really like what you did with those edges. They’re really nice

Sweet stick

Next one is an all teak wood box. I will only oil the wood.

cant wait to start!

picture of the inside

That is Beautiful. Look you even have enough space to throw a X360 PCB and IMP board. Great job.

thanks a lot . I have to agree there is enough place for a second pcb.

Very nice! As a persn who is about to embark on their first woodworking/fightpad creation ever this is very inspiring. If you dont mind, can you tell me what the dimensions of it are?

Great job on this stick! Looks really clean and nice!

yes i will give you them tonight !

Thanks a lot for the kudos!

Looks good man, very tidy! Looks more like a decent piece of furniture than a stick! lol

wich was my goal actually :wink:

Then mission accomplished!

Nice sig by the way! :rofl: