My New Arcade WONDERSTICK!~!

Heres just some picks of my latest stick that i been playing on like crazy… and for once im not gonna sell it and make another… this one is for keeps altho i may change my buttons out later on…

SANWA FLASH 1 and regular OSBN buttons… no RGs in this one i like regular ones better:rofl:

Also im testing out a new HARD spring for my JLF… after a while if it seems to prove worthy ill probably start offering them to people when i start building sticks but for now the damn thing plays like a champion… or maybe im just the champion:cool:

Damn Dog Who Made That Case!?!??!!?!

lol, i have that same color scheme with my cabinet. white + light blue screw type buttons + light blue bubble ball top.

is there any advantage to using Barrier strips?

looks great btw.

Great stuff, nice insidework also :tup:.

very awesome work…

there’s lots of advantages. the main one being the exchange of parts if something breaks. also, it makes the inside look very very clean.

exchange of parts? can’t you just unplug the QDs and swap?

i can kind of see how it makes the insides look better though.

those little clip thing you have are shit take them off now. If your play hard those things will eventually losen themselves and slowly wiggle off. Once they start wiggling off, youll have to fix them more frequently. I suggest you solder them directly so that youll have direct contact with the button.

I tried the same thing but about a few months ago they started to fall off more and more. I would have a button go out almost immediately after ive fixed a different one. Those metal clips arent just worth the headache. They do make for quick fixes though but they dont stay on. When I play I like to know that I hit the button. I hate guessing if my metal clip fell off.

You can also get a double move with those clips. Once they start wiggling off, theyll wiggle off and on the contact spot. This causes double direction moves (dashing off a single tap toward) or double attack (double kick etc) off a single press of a button. This fucks you up on practically any game and its all because of those damn clips.

This is coming from personal experience because I just went through this. If just built it though it should be fine for a while. if you see that your moves are fucking up when you swore you did it right, check your metal clips and see if they’re nice and tight around the contact. If its loose youll probably getting that double move problem.

nice stick by the way sanwas rock

uhh… can’t you just tighten the clips with pliers?

The clips in my stick are hard to put on and off, I’m pretty confident I won’t ever have this problem.

well i have two types of QDs on my stick… one set is .187 for the joystick itself… and those will never come off because they have clip type… and the rubber guard around them keeps them on… i seriously have to use a unclip tool to take them off…

on the buttons them selves i originally went with solder on them… but then i decided since i switch buttons so much mainly cuz i cater to my self before tourneys with new buttons…:lol:

but these are the same kind of QDs with the little clips built in… ever wonder why there are little holes on the microswitches well besides just running wires through them like i do when i solder… good brand of QDs have a little clip that grabs on to them… so i you have to squeeze them to take them off…

and i know my buttons will never stick… shit i never play with dirty hands… and i never sweat… sweat ruins buttons in arcades alot… and i only let a few play on mine so it doesnt get sweat in the buttons… thats why american buttons last longer because the spring brings them back up but japanese get sticky cuz people sweat and shit… but still i find their performance really well and i like soft.

also on the QDs… before you crimp them put a small piece of solder in them so the wire never comes loose… thats always a big problem with peoples sticks…

Looks very nice, I like the case. I got a case from dreaded fist not too long ago, and It looked like that. I can’t seem to make them in that style.

‘Clips’ shouldn’t fall off from aggressive play if you tightened them. Looks good btw.

Very nice case. The wiring is simple and clean too. I’ve never had a problem with the QD’s falling off either. Just use the right size.

Yeah, I used quick disconnects on my cab and they never lossen. Had it for years.

He i have the twin arcade Bord aka blaze sticks and i wanted to know howw you can change the buttons with out hurting the bord

i used qds on my my first stick for simplicity. i used solid wire though and snapped the wire a few times during wiring. for my next stick i’ll probably be doing it up with stranded so the wire can move without fear of snapping.

but qds are the best thing for wiring i think.

awesome stick btw. i love the design and color scheme.

There are various uses for barrier strips. First they do help with organization and make things neat on the inside. Second, it’s not so much switching of parts such as buttons or joystick that make them useful, it’s the switching of PCBs. If you use QDs then you can easily switch out buttons or joystick with little hassle (and as a side note, they won’t shake off from playing unless you’re using the wrong size as people have stated) without the use of barrier strips. If you solder directly to the microswitches of the buttons, then yes, barrier strips are useful for swapping out parts, but otherwise, no.

The barrier strips are particularly useful for PCB swapping. You can detach the wires leading directly to the PCB and then take out the PCB. One easy step. Of course if you used your wire harness and soldered directly to the PCB, then you would just detach the harness as well. You would need to do this when A) the PCB breaks and you need to replace it with a new one or B) when you want to switch to another system PCB. If you did not use barrier strips, you would either lose all the wiring attached to the PCB or you would have to desolder from the PCB itself and then resolder to another PCB. As you know that would be quite inconvenient. That my friends is the main reason to do it.


I recognize some of that art as being by cybersnakes way back. Looks great. I asked him for a psd or high res jpg forever ago but he disappeared. Think you can hook me up?



I’d like to have this guy make me a stick. how much?

i solder my wires to the quick disconnect whenever I use quick disconnect.