My New Astro City cab

Thanks to TigerCraneFist for this one. Picked up this cab last week from him. Had to get rid of the Dynamo cab for this one… but it was worth it! Everything was in perfect working order. I had to add a kick harness but luckily, I had one laying around. Left the Jamma in tack so I also got a hold of SF Zero to tie me over for now.

I also added the J-pac and other stuff to run the PS2. Everything is good to go. Also had to add Logitech speakers for the PS2 but the stereo and subs sound awesome.

Here’s a pic of the cab running the PS2 with HnK.

Only problem I’m having now is my PS2 2nd player port keeps shutting down after several mins? Anyone know a fix for this?

Man, those Astro cabs kick too much ass.

Good luck getting it sorted.

looking good man. Keep posting those pics, check my thread if you want to see that Impress!

Nice cab

very nice :tup:

DAMN nice son! I’m getting mine this week! Can’t wait!!!