My new avatar and questions for everyone


Hello! I got sick of my avatar so I made a new one! Whatcha think?

Also, on my forum I kept av makers/users and other artists close in mind, because I myself was an avatar artist for some years on and tagmonkey. I would like to know from you guys if you feel the forum setup for avatar makers and other artists is comfortable with you.

note: i know i don’t have the sections’ forum rules in yet but i’ll be on that soon.

EDIT1: Hmmm. doesn’t look too good for this forum’s color scheme. Maybe Ill change it a little…
EDIT2: Ok that’s a little better. I wanted to point out that I’m proud of the fact that on my board the avatars and the text that is around them is better spaced out and not crowded. An example of this can be found HERE!


i have no probs with burningdojo… but there is no customer base there…

i set up shop before anyone… and 3 othersdid as well… but only 1 req was made… kinda odd… it justs needs more traffic.


I’m confident will see more traffic as time goes on. I am continuing to work hard to bring the site’s design, structure, and content “up to speed” with other fighting game community sites and will be looking for people who will provide videos, wallpapers, and fanart.

Forum members can help out a great deal by double posting, meaning if they post a topic or piece of art in one site’s forum, to then make a copy of it at and to try responding to a few posts while they are there. I believe the key to luring more people in is to finish perfecting the site’s initial design and to then concentrate on building the content base.

EDIT: reworded a few things.