My new avatar


Hi, I’m new to these forums. I asked someone in one of those “now taking requests” threads to make me an avatar with Kyo facing Iori, but they said they didn’t take requests from “n00bs”, which is cool. So I made my own. Please tell me if it’s complete crap or not. And if it is, what could be done to make it look cooler. I’m using Photoshop, and I’m not the most skilled in the world in it, but I’m pretty good at figuring stuff like that out (the “learn as you go” method LOL).


hey man thats not so bad for a beginer man,who did you ask to make you one and they said no?anyways in time youll improve like i did,and play around with the tools alot it’ll help.:cool:


Heh, I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone coughLiquid Childcough, but it’s their perogative if they didn’t want to make one for a new person. I’m glad he said no actually, because it caused me to try to do it myself, and I’m always looking for creative type things to do. So if I stick with it I see myself getting better. Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:


to me, it looks like complete crap.
if it were me, i’d change the border to a dark blue or black, and i wouldn’t have the Kyo and Iori sprites blend so much in the background. i would have made them stand out more, cause Kyo and Iori would be my main focus. that red border and text are too distracting. that’s just how i see it.

however, if you are satisfied with what you made, and you think it looks good. then that’s ok too.


Actually, I’m not that satisfied. Admittedly, it was pretty rushed even for it being my first attempt (even ESPECIALLY for it being my first attempt). The reason the characters are the same color as the background is that when I copied them, the color scheme stayed the same as the background. I later learned (or figured out myself actually) how to change the scheme to RGB so I could use other colors, but by then I just wanted to finish the damn thing. :slight_smile: I’m gonna go back to it tonight and add the sprites with their real colors, and try to add some effects to it (like some glowing shit or something.) Then I’m gonna use a different font for the name and probably not make it curved like it is. And I like your suggestion about a darker border. Thanks. :slight_smile:


no prob


How is it now? :slight_smile:


how is it to you?


I think it’s cool. It’s more like what I wanted to do in the beginnng. I still have more fancy tricks and stuff to learn, but I like this as a start. :slight_smile:


Here’s a nifty effect you can use with sprites in Photoshop.

  1. Take the sprite you’re using and duplicate it, making sure to place the second directly ontop of the first, in exact placement.

  2. Select the first sprite and blur it, preferably with gaussian blur, say around 1.5 pixels.

  3. Now select the second sprite (you’re doing this by highlighting it under their respective layers). Make sure it is atop the first, and now choose a blending mode (I’m sure you know of this, it’s adjacent to the opacity ruler).

  4. Pick the blending mode that best presents the outcome you’re looking for.

You’ll end up with a soft look overall, which you can then blend in easier with whatever background you’ve created. Blending modes in particular are something you should always muck about it with.

Have fun!



Thanks, I’ll try that!