My New Avatar


I just made a new avatar. I just want to know what you guys think. I know it kind of sucks. It was really easy to make and just kind of slapped it together. So, any comments or ideas that I can use to make it better?


No pointers or comments, eh?


dude, u just made the post, and it’s early… not alot of peeps on…

relax a bit

i like what you did to the background… but when ur erasing around ur character, u need to make sure u erase better

also… the font is odd to read… sometimes, just cuz it looks cool, doesn’t mean it’s good, cuz it’s hard to read


Thanks hadoken. I’ll be changing my avatar later. :slight_smile:


not bad… you might want to spice up the bg a bit though… and perhaps shrink the pic so you can see th bg but not bad…


try adding a border too they sometimes make the av better…


WAY better than the first Av I ever did.:slight_smile:


Thanks all. I’m making more and I’ll edit the one I have now. I’ll probably put up my own gallery of the avatars I made.


Check out my new Hulk avatar. It’s pretty basic and I just got done making it. So, here you go. I made it on Paint and soon going to edit it on PSP8! :smiley:


add a border 4 god sake!.. anyway its pretty cool… gw…


Nice but like psycore said, add border!

The first Av I made was this shetty “Rated A” avatar.


Do you have an idea as to what kind of border I should put onto it? Or something I can put virtually in front of it so I can fade it? That’s what I was thinking, but I don’t know where to get them… :frowning:


just make a new layer, draw a 1px border, and set the layer to overlay, Hardlight or just leave it plain black…


Alright, thanks psycore! :slight_smile:


np dude…


I got another one made. It’s a cool blue Megaman avatar. It’s alright. Again, I have to get into my PSP8 and edit them. Give any comments or pointers that have for me. :slight_smile:


a bit grainy… save as a jpeg stead of a gif


yeah, when u save, choose file type jpg and run the optimizer. there choose compression factor to “1”…
also, i suggest that u duplicate the layer where u got the memaman pic (let callit raster1). U r going to get something like this:
copy of raster1
To raster1, apply gaussian blur(3) and set the blend option to Hard ligth. And to copy of raster1, set the blend option to Overlay…
Also give some motion blur to the bg…
anyway… gj.


Yeah, I knew it looked kind of akward. It’s finished. Here you go…


I just got done making another avatar that still needs some editing on the ol PSP. Anyway, it’s a Ken avatar with an explosion-like background. Here it is: