My New Avatar

This is my Charlie avatar. This is probably going to be my last one until I edit the others. I’ll do that later today… meanwhile, I’ll be gone. See ya everybody!


I’ll be editing my avatars pretty soon. I made three more that are ready. But I need cool borders, some fading in the images, more pics, etc. They all look pretty basic. But, I’m still a beginner at this. :slight_smile:

I’ve edited some. This is my latest one. It’s pretty cool due to the fact that I just discovered some cool effects… but still, no border.

you gotta experiment more… it’s like…

u get pic, put pic over background, write name… blah

Does anybody have pointers or hints or tips as to how I should “spunk” up my avatars. I know Hadoken King, they’re pretty lame and easy to make. I just want to know how I can make it more attractive and cool.

toy around with effects and filters… changed blending options on various layers, and add effects in front of the actual pics, as well as behind them

Thanks for the tips. Those will help me a lot! :smiley: