My new channel for honda is up!



Gonna be posting my favorite matches online and in tourny on this channel. possibly tutorials in the future. Check it out guys!! thnxx keep up the hondaing everyone!


thnx man, really helpful, can u plz give me some tips about d ryu matchup as well, ur mindset and how to avoid d fireball traps. anyways thnx


mostly stay grounded as much as you can and out footsie him. more forgiving then the something like sagat or sim, but ryu is still deadly if your trying to jump in. maybe try to focus dash oichio a fireball or 2 to make him respect that option. also buffer ultra 1 when you have it midscreen so you can react to random fireballs, super works too. and your main bnb with 1 meter if you catch him crouching is whatever into hhs crouching mk ex hb.


thnx man, but i still don’t understand ur ridiculous hhs combo on zangief… :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha tnx man. kinda frustrating to get the whole thing but its cool :stuck_out_tongue: