My new music video

What’s good SRK family? Some may have heard of my name in the gaming community, but for those that do not know, I am the same kid that was on the stream facing Daigo with Ryu this past NCR. LOL. Hope all is well with everyone! Some may be aware that I produce for some artists out in the mainstream [Bad Azz of Snoop’s LBC crew, King Kastro of Tupac’s Outlawz, Nutt So, and some more artists]. Check out out our new music video titled “Remember Me”, featuring myself, my bro Haroon Rashid, Mikial, King Kastro of 2pac’s Outlawz, and Amaar from Aman! Share, repost, retweet, comment in the youtube comments section, and spread it to friends and family! Peace!


It’s our first promo video, so check it out and please spread it as much as y’all can! Appreciate each and everyone one fo y’all! This will be available on iTunes VERY SOON! Please support/