My new skin Super Street fighters 4 for Rainmeter


hello Shoryuken,i’ve just made a skin for Rainmeter,and since it’s about Street fighters world,i want to share it with you,it’s in its final phase :

for further informations go :

Here and Here


when you start up your computer does it play INDESTRUCTIBLE


why ? yours does ?!!


Ok, I’m gonna be the first non-troll.

It’s cool–really solid, actually, but it would have been** SO** much better if it was a SF3: Third Strike rainmeter theme. Or SFEX+A.


Thx man,it’s my first ever,the best to come.


Looking forward to seeing more from you. I love decking my desktop out in rainmeter widgets and themes. If you ever do a Third Strike theme, I’ll be all over that shit :tup:


I’m not a fan of SF4s menu style, but that’s pretty cool man. A 3rd Strike theme could indeed be cool.


you bet it does, nothing gets your day started like being reminded that nothing can break you down; your spirit’s indestructible


thx all of you,i’ll try make a 3rd Strike Skin very soon.


my skin is ready for use,time to get some troll
here :


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P.S. Can’t wait to see the 3rd Strike one.

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Thnak you,i’ve just started MGS4 skin,but very soon i’ll be workin on a 3d strike one.