My new team plaese advise


zangief mainly for support storm for combos and cyclops/cable for range

i often replace cable/cyclops with jill calling zombies can be a good cheap shot

Try Cable/Storm/Cap or Psylocke if you are just starting off.
Set yourself up with a good assist to begin with.

Would you mind removing Zangief? Is there a character you just don’t want us?

I’ll train your Gief up to snuff.

My xbl account is TonyP0318-- zero not an ‘o’

Gief/Storm/Cable might work. Storm/Cable/Gief would be doable also. I’ll show you some things.

drop gief, he’s just a walking combo-ing can

better off with juggy, sent, or little tin can iron man


hope that helps!

gief is godlike don’t listen to em

His assists are great once you get Metal Gief.

hail the red cyclone i always use metal gief normal gief is useless

Please remove the geif…

You’ll do MUCH better.

Cash for clunkers ends in october; I’d listen to this man and trade in the Gief for Captain Commando, Sentinel, or Iron Man - any of them will boost your team quite a bit.

Hey guys, if he likes Gief, why not keep it and help improve it?

man this reminds me of SRK around 2001 when like every other thread was “RATE MY TEAM”

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