My new video show "The 45 Show": a gaming and tech show

hello SRK. i am a HUGE SF fan, and with the amount of games i review, play, and check up on, i thought i would make a show! so the whole idea was to bring gaming news, reviews, ideas, and tech all into one show. the first episode has a mini - street fighter 4 review that most sf4 player could possibly skip, but i also talk about left 4 dead DLC that will be coming, and about arcade sticks (something you also know about most likely). what i’m asking from SRK is that you guys could watch it, but give me ideas for next show, things in gaming you have heard about and or tips for games etc. i love SF 4 and 3S, so tips for those to give out would be nice. so hope you guys will help and support. thie link is here