My new website.90 Days to Awesome

Some of you may remember me (I used to be a moderator here), others may not. That’s okay, I’m an SRK 2000 baby, but I haven’t been in the scene since 3s died out.

Like probably many of you, and many of is in our generation. Life hasn’t really worked out as we were planning way back when Capcom vs SNK 1 was hot. Not sure about you guys, but I’m tired of it.

So I made a website. This is my blog/website chronicling my attempt to get back to a life I want.

Some of it is informative, some of it will give you no value whatsoever. Some of it will merely make your feel better about your life by comparison but at the very least I trust it will entertain.

I appreciate you taking a look at what I’ve worked on and leaving any ideas or feedback.

And if you feel you need to make me into another wolf shirt review, so be it. lol

Peace, Matt

Favorited for sure. Will be seeing how ya do. Good Luck!

PuFF! Haven’t seen you in a minute. Hope you’re well man :smiley:

meant to reply to this earlier. you da man. will check out the blog asap

Hahaha…that’s my goal as well.
Just can’r do it in 90 days.

Goodluck Acesmith.

This seems mad interesting, i’ll def try to keep up with this… bookmarked…

The main thing that makes people jealous of you, and makes the haters hate. Is if you live your life doing the shit you want to do and you’re happy.

But i know how you feel kinda, i was kinda just fed up with doing the same old bullshit that everyone does and living a life society expects me to live. So i said fuck it, sold all my shit and did what i wanted to do.

check this guys blog out if you haven’t before.

he’s a smart dude, alot of shit he says really goes with my way of thinking.

also you should really make a meal plan and an workout plan. You should make all your meals the night before…then you won’t be stopping at fast food resturatnts, which will save your diet, save time, and save money! actually you also shouldn’t diet…that shit just comes back after you stop. you kinda got switch the way you eat all the time.

I’m in the exact same situation at the moment, but I’m completely unemployed and just came out of college, so your site hits the mark dead on. In hind sight I should have stayed in school, but shit happens I guess. Will definitely be following.

my one piece of advice is to not get bogged down in reading self help books or watching motivational videos or basically wasting your time at all listening to the words of professional success whores like tony robbins, 4 hour work week guy, rich dad, or any of the other shills.

having said that, there is a book i would recommend that has a lot of helpful specific advice and isnt about a cult of personality or empty inspirational platitudes. It is called Jobs That Don’t Suck. Check it out

Thanks for the input guys, and for checking the site out.

Awesome to see some old “faces” pop in. Hope yall are well.


It’s not so much that I hate the day to day bullshit, it’s just that the day to day bullshit isn’t doing anything for me. I at the end of it all I make so little money that I can’t even take care of myself. Before I moved back in with them there were days I was surviving off of McD’s Ketchup packets, and taco bell hot sauce. It’s just unacceptable to me that my life has turned to this when I’m not even sure why (not drugs, felonies, or babies). I’m not lazy. It just pisses me off.

This is to pull out all the stops and dedicate all my focus over the next 90 days to try and straighten things out.

I appreciate the input.


Yeah, I’ve read/listened to a lot of the Tony Robins (see he changed his marketing to Anthony Robins now? lol), Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, even Donald Trump has some stuff gong. I have some of that in the background, but none of that is really my focus at this point. I’m just trying to kinda manhandle my life into the way I want.

I am interested in the book though. Will try to pick it up. Maybe even talk about it on the site.

Good stuff.

On an unrelated note. Man, no comments in like a day and this is still on page 2? General Discussion is not how I remembered it. Back in the day it woulda been on page 5 by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Try hypnotizing yourself.… this book has gotten some pretty good reviews… I’m not sure how effective it is…

I’ll try it myself, but imo this book is bullshit until proven otherwise…

Good to see you around, acesmith5. Got your site bookmarked and will give it a thorough read soon.

yeah really…i think its kind of went from new threads all the time to people just posting in the same few threads over and over again. half the first page should just be sitckied cause those threads are always there when i log in.