My new website. Need suggestions/comments


Hey guys, I’ve been working on getting a gaming website up for a while and now it’s here. I’d like some input.

I’d like to know what you guys like, and what you feel should be added/changed.

Please understand it is brand new and I knew nothing of web-design going into this whole thing and have had a minimal budget while I work a regular job.

The goal of the site is to supply specialized/obscure video game items you won’t find at Gamestop and Target.

Current plans are to grow the inventory, fill out the couple of things that are listed but say, “Coming soon,” carry new games, and offer a buy/trade list for vintage stuff so I can sell vintage items. Lately I’ve been thinking I should break down and sell all of the PSX and PS2 games I collected over the past two years just to get some more items on the site.

Let me know what you think and thanks for any help!


Its too plain, you would be far better off downloading templates.
Don’t bother with HTML format, use PHP it will provide you with far more design flexibility. You can get a content managment system (CMS) like Wordpress to make things even easier for yourself, you will be able to find 1000s of templates too.

Using php will give you added security aswell, you shouldn’t post your email address in plain site like you have done , bots will find it and spam your viagra sales letters lol. PHP will allow you to install CAPTCHA and more secure email forms.