My new wesite:


Hey everyone on SRK

Come visit my new site for just updates of NYC lifestyle, SF4 lifestyle, and other types of fighting games such as 3S, MVC2, Tekken6, and other random fighting games.

I will be putting up alot of content on the site very soon, so stay tuned and leave me some feedback on what I could add on the site and what not.

Thanks everyone.

And don’t type in It wont work right now. So just do and the website will go through.


how do you make this happen


i like pho too. cool site


Who drew your face? It’s such a good minimalist caricature! :lol:


Nice. Reminds me of Gooteck’s site. I’ll check it out. I wonder if you’ll be sharing some conversations and interviews with other pros out there.


Cool, thanks Justin. :tup:


the site looks rly good justin

hopefully you can post up a BUNCH of videos with tricks, itll be cool to see the stuff you work on


Yea ill be doing alot of vids of tricks and what ill be working on. So just be patient everyone


pho = king of soups.


I’ll make sure to check out that pho place next time I’m in NYC lol! Would love to read your tips and tricks as well. Thanks for sharing.


Back in Vietnam we cook da soup fo thuhty dayz.

Good shit, clean looking site. China tier for the win.


Can’t wait to see your Fei Long, gl.


well just fucking great. i click on the link, and there is food on the bottom. now im hungry as fuck. ill keep up with it. I DEMAND ENTERTAINMENT! the internet is boring nowadays.


nice site and good luck with Fei.

thank you Mr. Wongburger…


That pho does look good.


Pho Long @ Battlefield Arcadia Tourney on Oct 3rd?


Anywho gl with the site mayne


Yo I can’t wait to see that new Fei Long infinite you found out. Oh I mean…I wasn’t supposed to say anything.


i’ll keep an eye on the site!


good luck with the site


bookmarked it!