My newbie thread


I have just started learning the game, so I figured that I’ll be posting here for quite some time so I made myself a personal thread instead of asking a question. I apologize if this isn’t allowed.

I’ll explain my story shortly :
Decided to get SSFIV AE just to see how fighting games look like (except some random button mashing on Tekken 3 when I was a kid, I have never played one properly). It became interesting so I decided to learn a bit.

I decided to learn Ryu according to suggestions all around the internet, so I went in practice / trial and learned the moves like Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (together with all the super and ultra stuff, also using EX). I can finish arcade on very easy, but on easy I can never get past my rival (Ken) since he seems to pretty much block all my attacks.

After reading some stuff around the internet and watching some pro matches I noticed some flaws in my play : I was simply mashing these special abilities without thinking about anything (Hadoken when far away, Shoryuken when close and TS whenever I wanted to change a bit). I know I need to use them, but I don’t know :
** - When should I use these punches and kicks instead of special abilities?

  • How do I get in position for them? (since I’m used to pretty much stay in place)**

I noticed that these “basic hits” are usually done in combos. I went out and read about frames and how do these combos work and everything is crystal clear. What I seem to fail is learning the timing. I have tried the 7th level in trial way too much (around 200 times) in the past two days, and barely managed to do it 2-3 times. I focus on hitting the keys individually, paying attention to the timing, instead of mashing buttons.
** - Is there any better way to practice these combos than just trying again and again in Trial/Practice? (perhaps some mode or helper)

  • Are these combos even possible on a PC keyboard?**

Last but not least, some questions about Ryu. I know that it depends a lot on my opponent, but any tips would be welcome.
** - What’s the general strategy with him?

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?**

Sorry for this wall of text and thanks in advance for all the tips! My aim is to learn the game enough to be able to play multiplayer once USFIV hits PC.


Even though this is for Super Turbo, I used this tutorial when learning sf4. Also there are many tutorials in this thread Newbie/Beginner's Links

In regards to the combos in trial mode. You were probably having trouble with links. Try not to worry about those in the beginning. Do keep in mind though as a rule of thumb. If the move did not come out you were too quick with the input, and conversely if it was blocked then you were too slow.

There is actually a section for every character in this forum, so check out the Ryu forum’s front page discussions. While some info on the first page may be outdated the main idea remains the same.
The quick and dirty explanation of Ryu’s playstyle goes back to that tutorial from above (and really reflects the core of street fighter as a whole). Controlling space and pushing during advantageous scenarios.

Hope you have fun learning the game!


go to the Ryu charater forums and read everything there