My newest stuff


Well, after a long time, I finally started drawing again…this was the result. I did the line art by hand, then used Photoshop for coloring. As for the lighting, it’s probably off, since I suck at lighting, but hey, I tried. :lol:

Anyways, tell me what you guys think.


Nice coloring, I cant figure out PhotoShop7 for shit. Wanna color something for me? he he.


the character is ok, can’t figure out much abt him(her?) besides the fact the the right hand holds a funky sword and he’s wounded or resting.

things I like:

  • details on clothes - creases, folds, etc quite accurately done
  • proportions of character are mostly ok.

things I feel can be improved on:

  • pose is a bit stiff, not natural if character is wounded or resting. – hand grasping elbow is drawn at a weird angle.
  • perspective of background is inconsistent: brick wall, lamp, pavement do not relate to one another and consequently do not give a convincing rendition of an environment.

welcome back :slight_smile:


The reason you can’t figure out much about the character is because he’s made up by my brother, for a video game he plans to make someday (someday soon, we hope) He’s supposed to be lying on the tree, so yeah he’s resting.

Here’s another picture of him that Infini made on the computer (the other one was drawn, scanned and colored in PS). Yeah, I know a LOT about this guy, despite the fact that he’s not my character (years of hearing about it’ll do that for ya).

Oh yeah, and if you decide you want to draw a picture of him for us so we can see how it’s done, go ahead. You draw way better than both of us anyway… :smiley:


Actually, I didn’t mean it that way - I meant that I couldn’t quite figure out what the character was doing. Not quite resting (posture is not relaxed, hand seems to be tightly clasped around elbow), but yet not quite in pain (no grimace, no evidence of blood, wounds, etc).

edit1: LOL thanks for the compliment. That 2nd pic is actually better than the 1st, imho. observe environments in comics and figure out what works - it’ll help when putting your characters in an environment. I think you guys have potential. Keep drawing and improving :slight_smile:

edit2: I totally understand how ppl can talk about original characters. I do that too with my friends :slight_smile:


Oh, I get it. Still trying to work on posing and stuff, but oh well.


the pic is pretty bad but you probably know that. you need some perspective skills and some original character design. are the lighting things fire flies? cause i couldnt tell if he was kissing a fire flie or smoking. and the kid just looks like a bootleg final fantasy character with a gun sword thingy ma bob.


lol sweet you crack me up. The art looks good, but it can be improve. Rook pretty much summed it all up.



Both are pretty good!!! First one is very interesting. It is cool.

Second one is cool. Great works!!!


Thanks, this is exactly the kind of stuff I needed. I noticed the pavement perspective was off, but that other stuff is news to me. I’m still lousy at lighting and backgrounds, so critiques help a lot.