My next technological step!

So by working hard this summer and saving my pennies I seem to have some extra funds laying around. I figure it’s time to take yet another step into the world of electronics, and some insight on where I should proceed would be nice.

The options I have to choose from are the following:

  1. iPhone 4;

I used to have an iPhone3GS and I loved it. I got rid of it because the plan I was on was cancelled due to financial problems, but now that I have my own account plus my work-membership discount ( about 21% off my service plan ) I would be able to afford it on my own.

Cost: $400 for the phone, about $70-80 a month.
Uses: Light gaming, light net surfing, portable mp3/video player, a phone.

  1. Laptop;

I also use to have one of these. Found myself home more than not, so I sold it and settled with a gaming desktop ( still have one now ). Now that school has started, I feel I could use one again.

Cost: $600-800.
Uses: Medium to light gaming, net surfing, portable media center.

  1. Arcade Stick;

Don’t need to put reasoning here. I’m sure everyone on this board can appreciate additional arcade sticks ( I currently have two ). Will probably either get a HORI Real Arcade PRO.V3 SA or th new Chun Li stick from Madcatz. The VLX is too expensive for a single arcade stick, so I won’t go that route.

Cost: $150-200 ( if I can find one new ).
Uses: Spare arcade stick.

  1. Tablet;

I’m an art major currently going through college, so I figured this would be a good investment. I haven’t taken the step into computer-aided art, so I think this would be the best way to do it. I already have photoshop cs3 as wel.

Cost: $75-150.
Uses: Creative design, advance my art skill-set.

So yeah, what do you guys think?

Best thing about the iPhone 4 is the additional end call button they put right on the outside of the case, conveniently located right where your palm rests when holding it to your ear. Just give a slight squeeze and you lose the signal, ending the call. Magical.

Get a laptop, something with a decent graphics card in it.

IMO since it seems you already have a arcade stick unless i misunderstood its ok to skip that, iphone4…up to you. i personally am going to wait a bit for that. laptop is your best bet IMO. school is more important than play but thats me and me being old fashioned LOL. good luck. but if you can, i’d do laptop and arcade stick if not then just laptop and get another arcade stick later…

I say get an arcade stick and iPod Touch. I use mine all the time! I never take my laptop from home, really. I just use the school computers, since they like Windows files, and I use a mac. iPod handles email and web on the go, and is mp3 player. Of course, if you don’t have WiFi at your school, you may have problems. My campus is all WiFi, so no problems there. I never take notes on my laptop. I always get distracted by the WiFi everywhere. You may be different, but I never really take mine out of my apartment, to be honest. I’m on a school computer right now!

But if I had the money for a laptop, I’d spend it on building an intense custom. Of course, you have two sticks. Maybe iPhone would be smarter. I just like iPod because it’s as good as iPhone. I never use my phone, anyways. I just text from iPod as well. Heh.

If you get stick, get the Chun Li while you still can. Heh.

If it were me personally. I would get an android phone. They are really awesome! I used to have an iphone and loved it. But I like the openess of the android os. Plus its cool to play marvel vs capcom on my phone haha. (Btw, I’m not trying to start a debate. Its all preference, if you’re dead set on iphone os then props to you. I just didn’t know if you looked into them or not yet)

For laptops, I highly recommend the Asus G72. I can play the following games maxed out with no stutters of any sort: Street Fighter IV, Gears of War, Batman Arkham Asylum, Crisis (resolution at 900), Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Aion, Mass Effect 2, and Portal. The laptop was 1000 when I got it about a year ago. So I’m sure its cheaper now. Its got a big screen, good sound, and runs amazing. I had some BSOD problems in the beginning, but ASUS patched it and haven’t had a BSOD or the computer freeze 1 time ever since then (around 10 months back). I am really glad I grabbed this one over another AlienWare(not that there is anything wrong with AlienWare, but they are painfully pricey)

Can never go wrong with an arcade stick :slight_smile:

if i were u i would get a laptop. like u said, school is starting for u and im pretty sure a laptop is vital for school. just think about all the other things on ur list though. nobody can really speak for u we all have our own opinions on every thing u have on ur wish list. what i would want to think about though is if each item is a WANT, or a NEED. the fight stick and the phone are wants and the laptop is a NEED. i mean, if u already have 2 fight sticks then why would u need another one?

Heh I was thinking Android phone as well. Rockplayer is CRAZY cool…plays anything I throw at it…couple that with a droid x and hdmi, and you have a portable media station…Not to mention the other things you can do with it…it’s crazy!

Lenovo laptops have HDMI out as well…

added a new toy to the list. forgot it in my original post. :x

thanks so far for the input guys!

Laptop, of all those things listed its the most practical use of your money

If I was in your situation, I’d defiantly get a laptop/tablet for school. In my case I really want to work on getting new sticks and an apartment. D:

yup a new laptop looks a good choice

Get a laptop, ASUS laptops are the best!

Mhmmm steering towards the laptop direction. What do you think of this? - HP Pavilion DV7-4060US NoteBook AMD Phenom II Triple-Core N830(2.1GHz) 17.3" 4GB Memory 500GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650