My (oddly quick) SE mod

Hey people D-Rod here to show off my newly “customized” Mad Catz SE Fight-Stick.

While the stock stick is good enough, having been an Arcade Rat for most of my youth, need something a little better and also my own…
I took the SE stock stick and six of it’s stock buttons and replaced them with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T stick and GY-T Gate/Plate ( also topped with a Clear/White Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top) and 6 Clear/White Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbuttons.

I left two stock buttons for future use in another game if need be.

The great thing about the Mad Catz sticks are that they seem to be made for modding( Be forewarned…opening the stick WILL VOID your Warranty!!!) with what I found to be VERY easy removable parts and connections. Everything was readily marked with a certain color and in a common sense order.

Here is a pictured step-by-step on what I did…

  1. The stock stick, the new parts ( which I ordered from and HIGHLY!!! recommend…) and essential Snacks and Bevri’ ( which of course is Latin for multiple beverage,)

  2. This is the SE opened with all of it’s stock parts.

  3. This is the new stick which we will have to ‘mod’ in a bit. ( LizardLick NOW sells the CORRECT stick that does not need modding to fit the SE)…That clear plastic piece is known as a Gate or Plate. It limits/controls where your stick can go. This ‘Square’ gate is for 4-8 directional joystick movement and is the popular gate in Japan. Americans use a different style…

  4. We will remove the stock stick by removing the four screws on it’s mounting plate. Notice the red stuff on the screw…this is meant to be a marker so MC will know if you opened it or not. Most people have had HUGE problem getting it off, my stick had 2 screws with it on and they still just came off no probs’

5)Here is the NEW Sanwa stick (which has better microswitches and a stronger spring) Also added is the ‘American’ Octagon gate. I like this gate cause it lets you feel a TRUE 8way direction movement. You can slam the stick down and feel where D-DF-F are to do a consistant and smooth Fireball motion.

6)The good thing about the SE set-up are the Quick-Connects. Just pull (maybe a little roughly) to disconnect the plugs (don’t worry about which one was on what pin…).
Make sure to do one button at a time as the colors need to be in a specific order…

  1. After disconnecting, push the smaller tabs on the side of the button (side that’s IN the case) and slip out. Some people have experienced difficulty getting the buttons out.

8)NOW…for the Hard part of the Mod…the A-Button.
The stock Buttons are called Snap-Plug/Fit style. The other style Button needs a Nut to tighten it to the board it is going through. The buttons I ordered are the later style. The case was NOT made for these style buttons, BUT!!!, you can still use them if you follow My easy steps…
(the reason why the Nut-style will be harder is the Joystick mounting plate extends too far over near the A button to allow an easy tightening, some people have had to file the nuts down to get them to fit…)
A)Put the nut in FIRST, under the mounting plate. (you might have to jimmy the plate a bit…)

B) PUSH the button through the A-button hole…
C) Now, screw the Button INTO the Nut. while holding the nut still…

  1. Now repeat the same steps, 6-7-8abc, with the other buttons till all that you need to replace are done.

I took the last two buttons and simply switched the ‘plunger’ colors ( I’ll show you that later…)

…and there you have a completed ( in about 40mins.) Modded Mad Catz SE Fight-Stick…

I really could not have done this with the Forums hereat and LizardLicksAmusements.


I’m doing the same thing soon, so thanks for the guide.

Darn, I don’t have the Bagel Bites, Doritos, nor the Coke.

Just playing.

LoL…those Snacks are what will give you power to complete this project…:wgrin:
If not Bagel Bites, then Pizza Rolls!!!

fuck man i remember when i had love for those seimitsu buttons…then i touched sanwa and i was forever a changed man…

any reason why you didn’t go with the snap in style? is the nut mount style more stable?


I honestly went for the seimitsu buttons cause of the color. For the Screw-fit over the Snap-fit buttons…again it was purely due to the color and that was the only option for that color type.
I would have much Rather had Sanwa’s with some Cherry Switches, but in the color I wanted I couldn’t find any…


(For anyone who is doing a SE mod, and will be using Sanwa JLF stick…)

…so it’s been about a month now and I have had pretty much no problem. But I have had some tuning I have had to do sporadically to get the stick to respond right. It seems as tho the wire harness for the OG MadCatz stick had a Slide-Guide that kept it in place. The Sanwa has a similar harness, but it clips in. Well The MC Harness does NOT stay on very tightly to the JLF. I have tried tape but it seem not to work.
I am now at the point where there are two options…

  1. Gule it in place like the Harness was on the MC Stick before.
  2. Change the wire harness to the Sanwa one.

My problem is tho’ is how do I go about safely changing the Harness?
If anyone knows, PLEASE!!! let me know, thanks…

dikrodnum did you manage to fix this harness problem?

And one other thing, you didn’t had to file the nut close to the joystick?

lol i did the same thing yesterday i was gonna make a thread about it but you beat me to it dikrodnum

in regards to the harness…why not hot glue it? if you need to remove it, just heat it up with a hair dryer and it comes off relatively clean.

Nice stick dude. I’m thinking on getting a bubbletop too.

decided to mod my ce (used it once, maybe now i’ll use it more):

all sanwa, 6x white, 2 plugs, jlf w/white bat top, replaced jlf spring with ls32, square gate:

was trying to keep it resembling stock as much as possible but with my own preferences, ie bat top and 6 button layout

Cool thanks! Was wondering how to do the A button.

36 days later and no custom parts yet :frowning: