My old shadowblade joystick

I have a shadowblade from Interact. the joystick is very darker sexy and stick has top button it good use for shump shooter. I wonder who can modifiy sanwa or seimitsu on the shadowblade. if the stick not fix in shadowblade then what about button?

I hope you didn’t pay as much for it as that link is charging.

Which is best match for Sanwa or Seimitsu button??

use millimeters

use millimeters

use centimeters

Which is best match for Sanwa or Seimitsu button code number??

I find that sanwa OBSF-24 match? i’m not sure?

obsf-24s are the smaller ones used mostly for start and select, if you wanna go with those fine…most people use obsf or obsn 30s so unless you wanna make the holes bigger use the 24s… also posting button height isn’t that good as we dont know how much clearance there is for the sanwas/semitsus so it looks like you might have to bend the prongs or something if they dont fit.

also i’ve played on that stick…sucks ASS.

It looks like 24’s would fit, but that’s a quite out of the ordinary to use those for the main buttons. Seriously though, you should probably just get a better stick.

my shadowblade is a metal. that’s not plastic! :sad:

i checked measure on ShadowBlade’s button is 24mm.

I can’t drill in metal is a good! the metal is very good than plastic.

If I mind, I would like sanwa button 24mm.

which’s color sanwa OBSF-24 match on my Shadowblade?

Ew, I cant believe your modding that thing. Atleast get something…you know…good

i give-up because too hard modify shadowblade joystick button hole is 30mm but height 24mm limited! I can’t fix all sanwa buttons. :sad:

thank you for help. I’m sorry!

whats the clearance on the inside of that shit?
you know you can bend the prongs so that instead of being vertical they can be ALMOST horizontal that should save you a few centimeters.

i wouldnt try and mod that with a 40 foot pole

Seimitsu pushbutton

I make a mistake. that’s not sanwa. other I find Seimitsu PS-14-K pushbutton is save a few centimeters for vertical. I’m so excited. I can’t wait I modd my joystick shadowblade.