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Outside of Qwest field if you wern’t one of the first 70 or so peole in line to the party then you were getting rained on, but I didn’t mind it much. I got to the party at about 8:30ish and from what it looked like the doors opend on time, which was a big plus :). While in line there was this asian/islander dude in frount of me with a Halo 3 t-shirt on so we started to chat it up about this videogame and that video game, it was good times, I saw him a few times once inside but I never did get his name, oh well.

After the search, security bullshit and whatnot I’m in. It was the same set up as 2005’s set up for Freak Night. Two stages to the left and the other to the right, the entrance had a grass like carpet on the floor which was cool cus it gave your feet something to get the water off before you got on the dance floor and started to slip around on random liquids, haha. If you’ve been to a party like this then you know what I’m talking about. The first thing I do when I get inside is go buy a ugly/nasty/extreamly over priced bottle of water.

Can I get $4, going once going twice, SOLD. Yeah no joke four bucks for a bottle of water and they whouldn’t let you keep the cap so the reason for that was they wanted everyone to drink up the bottle in a short amount of time, then perhaps since you didn’t have a cap, you’d go buy another one, fuck that shit. Jesse knows ways around the bullshit, that I do :).

Prior to leaving my house on Saturday I brought with me my “camel” backpack, basicaly it’s a back pack with a empty plastic pouch which you can use to carry around any kind of liquid, you just open it up at the top and pour it in. Holds 1.5L. So yeah I brought my backpack in bought one bottle of water and just filled up my stuff and I was good to go dude.

I was very impressed with the main stage because of what USC did with the visuals, holy crap dude I’m not kidding 5 projector screens PLUS 3 flat screen LCD monitors, that’s treasure in Seattle. Yeah I know Japan’s clubs flippin’ own when it comes to visuals but I don’t live in Japan, for a Seattle massive this was the best thing I chould hope for on the main stage :). In addition to having the monitors and screens they had this tower of lights that went across the back, very very bright and they came in a bunch of diffrent colors, kinda what you’d see at a NIN concert. And what party whouldn’t be “cool” without random ass lazers, blah.

The DnB room was off the chain as well as far as what it looked like, USC acutally put REAL plants in the room. Well I guess you chould call them shrubs if you wanted to get technical about it. I was in the DnB and the main room for the most of the night, that’s where my fav acts were so yeah. The only gripe I had about the DnB room was it wasn’t loud enough the first half of the night, I think someone with USC forgot to hook up a speaker??? But nonetheless the DJ’s in the DnB room were having fun and the crowd was showing madd love and that’s what I like to see.

When I got into the DnB room Zach was on the decks and I haven’t seen him nor have a I seen Nitsuj in hella long, like at least a year long. So yeah I was suprised to see Zach using ‘his’ apple laptop computer while mixing, I was like ZOOMMGG holy donkey nuts that’s cool. Zach was having fun, when dosen’t he, and from what I heard perhaps his style of Jungle has changed a bit since the last time I heard him? 360BPM rules!

Now the the 3rd stage, the one off to the right when you walk in through the doors was cool, I was hardly ever at this stage tho. Don’t get me wrong there was talent all over the place 24/7 lastnight but for me this stage wasn’t on a poppin’ like the other two were. I was jammin’ to Icey when I first got there, he always thows down killer breaks, so I had a lil’ bit of fun at that stage. Other than that I didn’t care who was spinning over there. Yes I did check out BassNectar, that shit was dope but I’d like it more if was just him and his MC at a club instead of a massive, ya feel me?

Review is almost over…

I left before PVD was done with his set but from what I was there for I was rocking out too, he was throwing down some amazing HARD ass shit. Wow this was my 2nd time seeing him, and I want to see him some more. I was very impressed with his crowd controll, he kept everyone up on thier feet all night long.

The epic story of the night kids is Rabbit in the Moon, holy cow godz!!! Now at my first party ISLT about 7 years ago, Rabbit was there but it was my first party so I didn’t know WTF was going on that night, haha. So yeah I kinda missed out on them, later I found out what I missed by looking them up online and going WOWZERS! I missed about 2 of the songs they did lastnight but that’s cus I had to go buy some redbulls and fill up on water. I think they played about 13 tracks including a SUPER EPIC encore song!!!

Rabbit in the Moon is the best live act PERIOD across all geners of music as far as I care…yeah I said it. The only thing that comes close for me is live NIN. OMG the crowd interaction with Bunny (the guy with the dreads, he does the talking and dancing with the crowd) was fucking too cool. You don’t stage dive into the crowd when you’re in a bunny outfit, that was amazing man! If you wern’t there at USC 10 for Rabbit and you had other things going on then you missed one of the best things to happen to Seattle since Grunge music, haha. Rabbit in the Moon is going to be doing a LIVE show again soon in the North West and I’m going, I think it’s in October but it’s in Portland. Fuck yeah I’ll dive 3 hours to catch thies dudes again!!!

Rabbit in the Moon ownzzz me!

The only thing for me that chould ever possibly be better than Rabbit in the Moon live is pre-Nevermind Nirvana live at the Moore theater or something along those lines. Have I seen the best live show ever to hit earth? Untill I see people teleport onto and off stage at a music concert I think I have :slight_smile: lol.

  • The vibe was amazing at USC, I had a great time.

  • Great music for a decent price, 40 bucks for a grip of talent, I’ve been to WAY worse in my time so this was a deal imo.

  • I want to dress up in a big bunny costume and jump off a stage and crowd surf damnit!!!

  • I saw A LOT of old skoolers lastnight at USC, that was super random.

  • The set up on the main stage was really that awesome, it was perfect for Rabbit in the Moon and great for all of the other DJ’s. And other than the sound issue in the Jungle room it was on and poppin’ the whole night dude.

  • Water being fucking 4 bucks a pop, give me a break dude. I’m human you’re human, just give me some water man.

  • Someone thought it whold be funny to pull the fire alarm at the party at around 10:30ish. What that did was turn on all the lights and kill the POWER to two of the three rooms, it was hella bammer. People were pissed off, of course and the fire department had rush there because of that. I feel bad for them cus it WAS a false alarm, there was no damn fire in the building!!! But that only lasted for about 15-20 mins so it was okay I guess…

And at the end of the night for me I had a great time, I’ve been to a fair amount of “omg this rules” type of partys and this was one of them and I know this won’t be the last.

P.S. USC, the next time you say you’re having a “last” party make sure it’s for real, haha. I thought USC 8 was the end tear, guess not.


PVD at USC 10!

USC was random as all hell…Yo Frank! I met LTB…

you can’t get more random than that. But i kinda wish i went. Also Nice one Jesse on copying your blog LOL

Still recovering.

How are they gonna charge you $40 to get in, and then rape you on water like that? Big parties like that are scams. Half the time the headliners don’t even deliver. They just count on everyone being high so they won’t notice how shitty stuff is. Faulty. Yes I am jaded.

That’s why I only go to raves once a year.

^^Yea and Not tell anyone that you was goin to…:mad:


I need to go to a rave and get fucked up!

Ran into Super Joe and Tempest.


DnB room needs better speakers/better speaker placement. Sound check, whut?

I didn’t even see super joe…

LTB was there with his girl…

Mandel: I know exactly what your talking about.

I heard Kuan was there too…

Whats up with people now having Lil Wayne titles

  • Like ranch I dip
  • I can’t feel my face

All that stuff…maybe Lil Wayne took that shit, but geez, I’m seeing them a lot now. Plus that stuff is old too…is it just now getting popular?

How is that old?

i’ve been haven’t changed it in awhile. you probably now just realized…

uhhhh… I don’t know.

Ok it might be old but Weezy is in my vainz!

The “I Cant Feel My Face” actually I got it from Juelz Santana…

And thats not old… is it?