My only grip about the live stream

I was a bit shocked about not having player overlays but all and all its worth waiting all these years.

those guys needs to shut the fuck up and let rockafeller commentate on 3s

MvC2 had the worst commentary. Nothing but dick jokes and homophobia from men whose voices were still cracking. Ugh.

They’ll be adding player overlays to the IGN videos.

Live stream was great. 23.5k at that last Daigo vs Justin Wong Match.

Thanks for Keits for sticking it through so many hours of commentary labor.

You suck!

Commentary wasn’t the best but it improve from day 1 to day 3. (that mean it only get better for next year)

Applaud you guys for trying. Great job

Only thing that I didn’t really like was also a lot of the side talk was played on air which kind of made it sound ugh…

for example when Seth whisper to Ski or Keits “We need to kill air time.” Than they look at the camera and go ughhh… I felt so sorry for them b/c they are like “what the fuck do i do now.”

It really sucked that there weren’t separate commentators for each game. The one guy wearing the hat seemed to only have a deep knowledge of MvC2, so having him yammer in all the other games annoyed me. Surely some Namco reps could’ve came in for some commentary during T6BR and SC4. And Aksys for BB and GGAC+. Props to S-Kill for his in-depth commentary for SSFIITHDR.

Yeah and the stream was very unreliable for me and the framerate was terrible to say the least. Also the audio fell out of sync for a lot of it.

Still, a fantastic event, which can only be eclipsed by that other tournament in Japan…

It wasn’t bad for what it was. Bottomline, I got to see the action!

At devastation it was nice that Mike Z did the GG commentary but is all good. The overlays would have been nice for the 5v5. The commentators forgot who was playing or the score at times.

Lag issues here in their but it went well.

Yeah, I did not have much problem with the stream either. Sure, it was like 15 fps, but still watchable and you could feel all the excitement. I would have liked to see the player names above their characters, but it was easy to figure out who was who since the 1p/2p always sat in the same spot.

I honestly didnt expect to get as hyped as I did, especially during the grand finals. Thanks to all the folks who put this together.

23k viewers for finals, that is a record right?

I enjoyed the live stream very much (when it worked). It definitely sold me a trip there for next year. Next year will be even more crazy with all the Tekken 6 players.

SF4 got to shine though as it should have and the finals were about as perfect as you could ask for. (I was rooting for Justin though :() Just seemed like the perfect weekend with everyone glowing and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Even Pimp Suit Man made an appearance before the stream went off air or some dude in a pimp suit. Fighting games just keep getting bigger competitively. Nothing more exciting in ALL of gaming.

Props to everyone for making us home scrubs feel a part of it.

A number of technical problems and a bit too much dead air/delays, somewhat low framerate on the game video…

But overall great. Fantastic commentary, good work Keits, TheDoctor, Seth and well… The people I can’t remember the names of. During all the games, there always seemed to be at least one person, or more, who really know what they were talking about.
I especially enjoyed getting insight in what was going on in SCIV, those finals were suprisingly hype.

Even though SFIV is great and all, it would have been nice to see a bit from the pools of other games, at least at times of dead air/break/technical problems.

No. He’s ok, but this event really needs people who are a bit more low-key than him. Seth and Keits are really professional, and give a lot of insight for those unfamiliar with the game and also carry a level of profesionalism that really legitimizes the event.

Ski was good too, but went off the chain a little bit sometimes… But he’s the colour commentary, yes?

Aside from the 10fps stream, and a bad first day, the stream was solid for the most part. There were times were it went down or the match wasn’t shown for some reason. The dead air parts were the worse, but hey dog face makes anything entertaining, especially at 3am lol. If Evo can get a high fps quality stream for next year, and get the stability more solid, it will be amazing.

On a side note, thank you Evo for streaming it. As someone who doesn’t attend tournaments at all or travel much, I’m glad the fights were out there and available live for every one to see. I love watching competitive gaming, and you definitely threw one hell of an event this year.

I believe the full line was “I gotta super, super pee… can you kill some air time”. Professional? No… but entertaining? Hell yeah :lol:

But you’re right, commentary got progressively better, and I pretty much enjoyed all of seth’s commentary. All his experience gives insight that a lot of less experienced people don’t have. Plus, anything is better than hearing that dude talk about how many different kinds of fries the hotel has…

They should take the microphones away from everyone but S-Kill…he knew every move and scenario in HDR and had spot-on insight and analysis for every character and match. He is also articulate and professional yet still enthusiastic. :tup:

We need an individual like S-Kill for every game at EVO. :rock:

SC4 commentary was great. I haven’t been into the SC games very much after SC2, but I have to say I learned quite a bit.

I thought the stream was pretty decent for it being free.

Seth’s commentary on HDR was fantastic. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything less from him, but he was just so on the spot with explaining what was going on to people unfamiliar with SF2/HDR.