My opinion of japanese 3s tiers


so yeah i just got back from three and a half weeks of 3s in japan, been to a grip of arcades in uhh ikebukuro, some other place, namiki, shinjuku, yokohama, and sanchome. played in and got peaced out of a lot of tournaments in the process. so yeah here’s my new opinion of the chars:

1 chun-li
2 ken
3 yun
4 necro
5 makoto

6 dudley
7 akuma
8 urien
9 yang
10 ibuki
11 oro
12 elena

13 ryu
14 remy
15 alex
16 12

17 sean
18 hugo
19 q


man i love this game.


why do you rate necro so high and chun li over ken? that’s pretty sweet that the japanese think so highly of necro, i have seen some beastly vids of him.


Necro in 4th? That’s odd. :slight_smile:


i thought necro sucked too due to the fact that there are no good necros in the united states, but expert necros are amazingly good. sugiyama, pino ab7, chikyuu sodom and uni are all necro experts and raped the fuck out of everyone. you must have consummate mastery of necro and know how to play him vs every character for him to be 4th best, but when you do he deserves that spot. at more amusement in shinjuku i was getting raped like hell by this jab color necro, which was very disheartening because i thought necro sucked. in one throw and a combo i was stunned. then one more combo in the corner i died. at first i thought it was the sticks, but then i realized he was doing shit i never seen before. the necro had something like a ten game win streak on me and by that time i was ready to give up. but then daigo walks into more! i went over to him to explain that i can’t beat this fuckin necro on third strike, so i hired him to beat the necro, daigo only beat the necro 4 times before losing. (daigo is the #1 ken). that necro turned out to be pino ab7, he is a cool hog so after i met him i didn’t mind losing to him that much. but yeah, i got to watch daigo (ken) vs pino (necro) five games in a row and every game pino put up a really strong fight. pino almost got a perfect on daigo every game.

oh yeah does anyone know jima? he is the third best dudley in japan, he uses the strong color. the best two dudleys are erotic teacher and fujiwara, then jima is third. anyway i watched sugiyama vs jima and it went like this: sugiyama could electricity (dp) XX electric snake on reaction to jima’s pokes and stunned him both rounds. sugiyama would electricity on reaction to standing strongs and shit, it was bizzare. oh yeah, did you know you could do two electric snakes in one combo and have it all hit on the ground-jugglable characters? (chun-li, necro, makoto, ibuki, dudley, alex, oro, elena, remy, 12, q). for instance sugiyama could do jab dp XX electric snake -> electric snake for a 7 hit combo vs dudley. they have necro corner combos that are significantly better than any combo vid i’ve seen.

watching raou, afm, and ayu play chun convinced me that chun is still #1. uhh hmm let me think if there’s anything specific they did… oh yeah kara throw from a mile away to knock you down, and then you die. or they will wait in front of you to do something, then you die, that was mint. you can’t parry vs those chuns, they will make you eat a super every time. vs their chuns it is just as dangerous to block high as it is to block low since they always get the super off of leap attacks too.


Jima used to study in London last year, he’s a pimp. He’s the Dudley player on that old mediocre UK vs France video (Keisuke). Pino AB7 is the coolest Japanese player, dude is just too funny.


I’m pretty sure Oro shouldn’t be on that list and Remy should be. Could be wrong, though…


yeah jima and pino were cool as fuck.

oh yeah forgot remy.


excellent read. did you see ohnuki at all while you were there? and did you get any vids of those chun li’s?



Very interesting insights you’ve picked up over there Rockfeller.

One of these days I’ll make a trek to the 3S holy land.


did u play any jap remy’s?


Japanese Necros have owned for some time, and owned the US for some time too. Anyone remember the serious ownage at B5 by Chikyuu?

Rock, do the Japanese agree with putting Necro in top tier?

So you’re saying they anti-air with electricity, super cancel into snake, then snake again? Is the opponent’s body juggling this entire time?

How’d you do on the sticks?

How’d you do at the tourneys?




never got to see ohnuki in japan, he practices vf4 now only. no vids or rao or ayu, i might be able to get vids of afm.

yeah silvergear you gotta go to japan sometime, it is amazing.

yes, i played and lost to piero (new best remy) in the last game-newton tournament, which was three days ago. piero plays the jab/forward/fierce color remy. he can have 3 or 4 sonic booms on the screen at once, if you are on opposite sides of the screen.

i haven’t confirmed this list with tk (japanese sf and ramen godafther) yet, i gotta use a translation tool and email him, which might take a while for him to respond, unfortunately. sugiyama could dp on reaction to jima’s standing pokes! that is why it was so crazy, he wasn’t punishing, he was beating dudley’s pokes with jab electricity, then XX electric snake, and then link another snake, the timing is strict but he could get all three hits to connect on the second super (bounced). i did ok on their sticks, i prefer american sticks. pyrolee didn’t do any better than me on them sticks. i got raped at every tournament except the first one. i went to six:
1st tournament was ikebukuro singles, i tied for 8th, i lost to pierre (urien).
2nd was a 3 on 3, i forget where, it was me (urien) / pyrolee (yun) / sugiyama (necro). we lost to boss’ ken. boss (the #1 yang player) has the #2 ken, haha how do you like that?
3rd was namiki 6 on 6! can you believe it?! so many people go to tournaments in japan! 8 teams showed up, my team was some makoto/bas (akuma)/jiro (akuma)/ i forget/ me (urien)/ rx (urien). we lost to sugiyama’s team. damn.
4th was game-newton singles. i lost to k.o (yun) first round. got raped.
5th was game-newton singles. i lost to piero (remy) first round, sort of close game.
6th was game-newton 4 on 4. my team was a chun-li/ me (urien)/ sawaguchi (yun) / fujiwara (dudley). we got second, the first place team had aruka (ibuki) and three other guys. aruka got 3 ocv’s in a row, including us. damn.


Cool info.

Rock, if you need an email sent, you can send it to me and I’ll translate it as long as it isn’t too long.

Who was the most consistent, most painful ownER that you witnessed? Boss?



who has the best urien?


I’d sure like to see some expert Necro videos. :slight_smile:


Oh trust me I definitely have plans to go to Japan either late this year or early on next year.

Either way glad you could go over there and experience it all first hand. Speaking of which, manage to meet any cute female 3S players while you were over there? :smiley:


k.o and boss were the most consistent players, i dunno how those guys have ever lost.

rx has the best urien. pierre doesn’t charge partition. tokido and onanism don’t practice anymore.

i might be able to get some necro vids, but i am hesitant to ask ksk since he was already very generous to the american players.

pyro and i played one girl sf player (we beat the fuck out of her). pyro recognized her as a friend of riri, we didn’t know her name, she played chun-li super 1. this was at more amusement. yukino doesn’t play 3s anymore, only vf4, we never went to beat-tribe so i never saw her.


somewhat off topic:

when going to japan, whats the best way to go about going over there? Should you know someone over there first, or know the language? ive always wanted to go but i dont know japanese and dont know anyone there.


Excellent thread you got going on here Rock. I think it sucks that sean is actually better than hugo. i wonder if you can tell me anything about the hugo players at nihon. or maybe you can just show me at FF :cool:. Speaking of which when are you gona be there again?