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I have a PS4, PS3 and Wii U. My Wii U is modded for both Wii U and vWii. I am interested in getting 2 joysticks that can
Play on Wii U (Pokken Tournament, TT2)
Play on vWii (Tatsunoko vs Capcom)
Play on Ps4 (GG, SFV etc)
Play on PS3 (UMVC)

I only own 1x PS4/PS3 TE 2 Madcatz Stick that I use for SFV. What are my options as far as modding the stick I own and getting a 2nd stick ?


for the ps3ps4 part you might want a Brook PS3PS4 Fighting Board.

for the wii part you might want a PiiWee (Toodles oooooooooooold board, which connects to a wiimote as a classic controller, that might work with some games…)

but for wii U not sure, Brook Universal Fighting Board works on pokken but may not work with tekken :frowning:


piiwee probably the best option

however it is hard to fnd the board for sale


You might be better off finding one of these and modding it, they were cheap at one point not sure about now.

I bought 2 for twenty a piece.


PiiWee works with the Wii U as well


For Wii/WiiU compatibility : It’s hard to pick up a piiwee anymore as godlike controls is closed for new orders. I needed to repair a TvC stick and bought a piiwee and it never worked for me (never registered as a classic controller).
What did was padhacking a PDP wired fight pad for wii u. It’s basically a classic controller but all of the solder points are marked and easy to solder to. It fit ok into a Madcatz SE style case and works for both vWii games and Pokken Tournament. Folks online say a classic controller works for TT2 so you should be fine that way.

If you didn’t care for TvC a UFB solves all the use cases. I believe that the UFB will work for TT2 as the brooks wiiu super converter supports TT2/Pokken but not wii.


Mad Catz made sticks for the Wii
I have the TvC SE stick and it works great once you swap out the parts.
There’s also some TE style sticks for Wii.


I’d just padhack a CCP board into your existing stick if you want to cut down on waste. It’ll work on every wii or wii u fighting game, all the VC stuff (neo geo ftw). The knockoff CCP’s you pick up on ebay actually have really good solder points, they’re easy to work with and super cheap.

I’ve built five wii/u sticks in the last few months after pokken dropped, and a couple were doubled up with a Brooks ufb.

The retail wii sticks are pretty trashy, they’re not really worth it if you have to change everything. If you want a second wii stick I’d find a higher quality donor or go custom.


I hate to gaff a thread, but I figured it’s better than wasting a new topic.

Just wanted to confirm, the only way to get guarantee virtual wii mode functionality would be to find an old PeeWii pcb or find a wii fightstick?

I’m assuming that no other pcb’s support the wii cable to remote?



The hori battle pad and pdp fight pads have wiimote cables. The hori ones are more likely to be common ground because it’s hori, though I don’t have a multimeter to confirm.


The PDP fightpads are definitely common ground, cheap, and easy to find. I’ve used two for projects.


UFB will update eventually for virtual console

I can smell it…


Thanks for the comments guys. Currently making a custom job with a ps360+ pcb, so I was hoping that there may have been a new pcb that hit. I seem to have solved my wii problem, with a simple adapter fix. Found a mayflash adapter that allows you to use a ps2 controller with your wiimote. Should work fine since the ps360+ works fine with the ps2 to gcn adapter.