My Oro combo (reset EX tengu)


It’s not a true combo since there are resets, but if you want to see what Oro can possibly do or just enjoy the art of comboing, then I made this just for you lol.

After countless tries I got an imperfect version.

3rd strike coming online soon hopefully, our Oros shall destroy all. (Probably not, but I can dream)

Watched the vid. Good stuff.

It’s a nice reset, going for the stun is better to finish off someone. This juggle combo works really well on shotos, middle & high weight characters. If you are going up against light weights I believe a jumping HK after activation of the EX special into standing Hk seems to work on them… I’ll go try it.


Yeah I tried, on anyone with wierd juggle properties… mp>cancel first hit into EXSA>jHk>land>HK>HK>etc

pretty useful, good damage.

This reset is pretty useful with any special too, like SA1.
Your reset>mp>SA1>j.P

man, just when i was hoping to see something new… :confused:


try this one.

Yeah, this is basically a combination of two basic setups. I actually LOOK for that LP reset to another chicken juggle whenever I play Oros because they for some reason always try and cross me up.

Still, this isn’t a bad vid. Newer Oro players might find this useful.

Mm, true. I rarely use the jab crossup unless I’ve gotten them with a normal combo a few times already, if at all. Occasionally, if I can get the crossup I’ll opt for a crouching MK to HCB P. I just went with it so I could build enough meter to get into a tengu in one go haha. Sorry it’s nothing new, but I meant to aim it at newer people. I just felt oro had a lack of people explaining some of his basic setups. It’s good to know that there are people who understand how oro works though. I’ve actually been working on my Yagyou lately… haven’t gotten it down quite yet. I always seem to go for the crossup and land a bit late so that they end up blocking my MP.

Nah, it’s all good. You don’t see too many Oros around; in fact I’ve only played against three good ones in America(not including Hungbee and ThyAllMighty). Man of Gold is a pretty good tutorial on it, but other than that you don’t see too many Oro experts. Myself included, I only know his basic bag of tricks and how to fight against him. heh

Regarding Yagyou, try practicing the unblockable on Dudley first. In my opinion he’s the easiest to land it on…rather I managed to get it on him more consistently than anyone else, anyway.