My own channel at last!

Hi guys, ive started (right now) uploading some videos of me playing.
Right now ive only uploaded games where I lose, and some quite badly haha.

Also most of the games ive uploaded are from endless battles as I find ranked to be a bit ‘meh’ but I shall be playing a few games of ranked every now and again and uploading them…

A few things to note:
im clearly mediocre at best
I buckle under pressure
I only have a camera so quality is meh…

Some vids are a month or two old maybe more. I kept them as I felt I could learn from them.

YouTube - Sigh1986’s Channel

anyway if you have time can you give me some feedback please? thank you

edit: I created a new thread as quite frankly the Adon section is close to dead and wasnt sure if people would check the video thread!

Master the ranges of and use those pokes more to find their ranges.

Use IAJK’s to make your ground pressure scarier. Mixing between instant air JK’s and ground JKs create mixups in themselves because there are different counters to each one.I know you’ve said you have executional problems with IAJK’s but they are a massive part of Adon’s gameplan so they are essential to learn.

In the Makoto video you were getting way too close to her.You want to be at a range where will beat all her pokes, where you can anti air RJ and where her Axe kick will whiff(you shouldnt be getting hit by Axe kick that much).Also backdash more against her because you can avoid alot of her pressure that way.

huh my post didnt post …
I will do dude, I use cr.hp too much ill work on and

Thanks for getting back to me so fast :smiley: really appreciated

edit: Uploaded more movies, will upload some of me versus Tigermoggy tomorrow. We had a good set of games :smiley:

I am finding much more useful now that ive started using it more :smiley:

Hey guys if you have time perhaps check out my most recent uploads. Me and Tigermoggy played 15 matches in endless the other night and im in the middle of uploading them, should be up in the next few hours, I know like me he would appreciate any thoughts you have :smiley:

Ah would you mind adding me to ya friends list I would like to play yall

yeah no problems will add you in a bit

the uploads for me and Tiger messed up a bit, only parts 1 and 3 worked properly… ill try again today… i think its because my camera batteries died while uploading to the pc :smiley:

Nice Adon. I have a similar Adon also B rank, so I probably can’t give a great deal of advice. But from the videos I did watch, you sometimes under-utilized his Also, on knockdown, you usually tend to back away rather than go for a cross up or safe jump, which is kinda letting your opponent off the hook. Once you manage to knockdown your opponent you should mix it up, give them something to think about by testing their wake up game. Btw, what’s with sometimes burning EX meter for a JK when you opponent is on the other side of the screen?

Apart from that, you’re doing alright.

Oh yeah one more thing. You need to work on your anti-air. I know Adon doesn’t great AA normals, but you should really work on using them or timing RJ better, otherwise you have guys jumping in on you all day. I know it’s hard, I have the same problem.

Also, nice work on dashing under cross-ups.

Hey thanks very much for the reply dude. First off the ex thing. Honestly thinking about it now, i dont know why i do that haha. It could be that I was thinking they would jump towards me, but you are right at full screen its a waste. I will work on that, I do on occasion say to myself wtf was I thinking? haha
I am practicing using the hk more… i havent played in a few days though.

I usually back off against shotos as I find I tend to eat AA shoryu’s! I guess that habit has extended to other characters :frowning: ill work on my crossups and safejumps.

Also I agree on the AA work. I have been told by a few people ive played recently that they dont fear jumping at me:)

Saw the uploads,some really good games in there (:

Okay, I played a fair few games today and decided to upload a few. They are still uploading as we speak ofc.
Quality needs some work, but should be watchable.

A few things to note about these games is that I havent been able to play much as of late, and when I have been playing ive been focused on playing Oni…
Any way seeing as the forums are a bit more active I figured id throw a few vids up and see what people say!

Thanks in advance if you have time to watch and comment!

edit: looking at the matches again I am clearly on auto pilot sometimes! ugh

Wow another one. Actually I do not know why I never commented in this thread. Anyways while i reflect on the end of my vacation, think I will hit up your most recent vid. Please like I mentioned on Tiger’s thread, I am no grand master Adon. Tiger himself will tell you that (he has seen some of my vids, more to be put up but gotta fight the laziness in me…). Anyways just giving my view on what I saw in the vid.

Endless fight 1 Vs. Erokage87 (Viper)

*First Match *
Wow. Rushed. Maybe you were readjusting to Adon since you mentioned you were playing Oni (something that does not surprise me since they both are about space imo) but I digress. Jaguar tooth, jaguar kick abuse in the first round. While you weren’t mashing buttons, you really didnt respect Viper’s move set and just rushed in blindly. Its the reason why you took so much damage.

Second round was a bit better. You respected Viper enough so that you didnt take too much damage but towards the end you still tried to rush it. Although you won I want to point out 1:27. If that Viper did not do the super jump at that point, you would have lost that round.

Third round again no respect to Viper. She abused this since she can work mid range as well ending this fight. I noticed a lot of iajk and fk jk’s but I dont think they were necessary since they put you in harm’s way of Viper’s Seimos. Just gotta be more patient with this match up since the Viper is gonna do what it can to keep you out.

Second Match
Pretty much same as I said earlier. Shift it down a gear with Viper.

You have been dropping some links sir. Dropping Wiffing the Ultra is very bad!

I shoulda said this earlier but here is good. Whats with the ex-rj to escapre Viper pressure? Yea it works but takes a stock in the process.

Third Match in a few mins…

hey thanks for getting back to me man.
Thanks for your inputs. To be honest I would panic alot in these games. I really didnt know what I was doing! :frowning: I have looked into the match a bit more since and I completely agree with your input so far.
I think I was dropping links so much because Onis are so much easier and ive grown lax! haha, yes the ultra whiffing is insanely bad haha!
I used the ex again because I didnt know what to do. I have since found out that you can focus seismos… -.- I thought they broke armour haha!

ps. Turns out the 2nd vid with me fighting Chun and Ken has not uploaded, too long apparently! ill use a video editor and split it in half and re-upload the two!

Thanks again for your time man, your advice is noted and much appreciated!

Whoever said I was finished… I like to complete my stuff so, here is the third match:

Third Match
Instead I am just gonna point out some interesting things here.

5:58-6:00 The Viper was confused. Instead of FK JT you used mk JT and then used JK’s to make your way in. Risky but paid off as the jk stopped a cross up attempt. A less risky approach is to just walk in and crouch block just in a case of funny movements (forward, block, forward, block) from Viper. You can get Viper to the corner that way and if she tries to super jump out, all you gotta do is follow.

Speaking of crouch, you crouched a lot in this match considering Viper has a quick overhead. Dont get me wrong, crouch mp/fp are mighty good but imo was overused and really became the downfall of that last round.

6:30-6:41 Here was time to panic but in times like these, hold firm and block with all your might. Vipers doing this are looking for any opening. Give them one and they will take all. Hold firm and wait it out unless you can see the reversal.

I know what you mean about Oni as well. I was intrigued to say the least and started using him online. I got some wins but fell in a massive loosing streak and went back to Adon who has so far brought my pp back up. Oni’s links ARE much easier. I can link lps for days with shotos but like hell on Adon. To a certain extent, I am suspicious of the frame data on Adon even on SRK but thats a different matter.

Anyways I am subscribed to your channel and will give comments whenever I have the time and see a new vid up. Tig give me sometime to get back to your massive uploads lol jk (joking not jaguar kick).

haha I see what you did there at the end :wink:

Thanks so much for the break down dude! massively appreciated! I too am suspicious of some of Adons frame data, so much so, I went into training to test his rj start ups! I could swear lk was 3f and the other two were 4f! no idea where I got that from haha!

seems ill have to work on my blocking and stop being so impetuous! :smiley:

Right havent linked/had any videos up of me in a while heh


This video is me playing a 2v2 at an offline small tournament.
This is my first offline play for some time. I only know 1 person irl who I can play regular.

Any feedback would be cool otherwise at least here is proof of why I say im scrubby as hell haha

If you look on the channel you can probably find more of me, but I wont bother linking as I dont feel they are as good heh.

Oh a few notes as well.
I couldnt get a handle on a few combos that day, not quite sure why my execution was even worse than normal… alot of the jaguar tooths were bad inputs for my iajks. I cant do u, d, db, b and I do almost a full circle. u, uf, f, df, d, db, b haha therefore if I do it wrong… jt haha
I havent played many good Abels hence why I jumped alot and fell for some basic stuff haha!

Thanks for sharing, your crossup/mixup game is pretty awesome I think! And yeah, random JTs when you meant to do IAJK…ugh, I want to throw the controller when I do that.

Abel can be a PITA. He’s not as good as he was in Super, but he’s still a beast. This might not work on high level players, but with Abel I tend to keep my distance until I’ve knocked him down. Tornado throw damage is too scary! A well timed HK beats his wheel kick and his other aggressive stuff so no need to go in right away. If they get roll happy, I backdash+HK JK which shuts down most of their follow ups. Oh, and I hate his crossup. Because I rarely get a chance to play him, I sometimes misjudge the animation. This is all coming from a scrub, so feel free to disregard;)

nah dude I appreciate all feedback. Worst that can happen is I try it and it fails haha. Chances are it will help me improve either way.

I think you are right regarding staying back, I am far too aggressive against characters I should play defensive. I have started learning defensive strategies for fighting Cammy.