My P2P client problem (wont tell me my ip, just stays blank)

when i host, i hit ‘whatismyip’ and it just stays blank and i even check the “Enlist in waiting games box” and my friend still can’t join it

is there a way to fix this? and whats going on?

if it’s doing that then either the p2p main server is down (not unheard of) or you need to open some ports/turn off your firewall for a bit, or just get your ip from here, tack “:27886” on the end (or whatever port number you’re using) and pass it on to your friend

it’s about time we had a sticky for this, people ask it every week now

The waiting games list has going down a lot recently. Its probably not due to too many people being on it because less than 5% of the community use it. But meh its not worth putting it back up every day. Think I’ll get rid of it from the next version.

you can check your IP here as well: