My Paewang Revolution broke

I think the USB cable is ripped internally, is there any way to replace it or repair it?

Of course. There is no need to completely replace the USB cable unless it is broken near the USB cable’s jack.

If you know how to solder:

  • Desolder the four USB wires from the PCB.
  • Trim the USB cable to remove the part that’s broken. Strip the four USB wires to prep them for soldering.
  • Solder them to where the USB wires used to be.

If you don’t, you could just splice the broken wires. Google “wire splicing” to learn more about that.

Thanks for the help, I stripped the wires and found out that one of the wires had burnt itself in half, so I just cut part of the bad area off and splice the two ends together. Thanks again for the help.