My Path of the Purifing Flames

Hey all I made one other thread like this for C.Viper and like I said there it’s mainly cause I have no outlet for my frustrations and triumphs because well no one cares -_-.

I started Dhalsim last week and am amazed at how well I got the hang of him so quickly everyone else seemed like I had to be training mode forever to just get the basics. Anyway I just ranked him up to C and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how in the world to cancel his MK into a Yoga Flame? it just never seems to work for me. Is there an easier cancel I can work on until I get that one down?

Next Question is since I everyone online seems to use a Shoto of some sort. Who are my other matchup nightmares Deejay for some reason is one of mine personally, Blanka, and WTFOMG VEGA I HATE VEGAA

Slight delay to cancel mk to yoga flame if you do it right away it will never come out.

ok ill try this in training mode it was driving me up the flippin wall

Remember you don’t have to do the full motion for the flame, you can start at down-forward instead of forward

After fighting a 2451 BP Akuma for like an Hour, and getting my first ever Double K.O I can safely say I have become a competent threat to most veteran players I come across. I didn’t beat him once but came damn close on all, my current BP is 1145 with Mr.Sim. What do most Sim players use as a Safe Attack out of a Yoga Teleport behind an opponent, I find myself wanting to grab all the time which works most times but smart players catch on quick in the 2nd round. I’m guessing a Cr Lk would be safest?

It is tough to discipline yourself to limit your back teleports to either safe setups with a Yoga Fire in front, or when you think you have a good read on a projectile, but it is absolutely necessary to not teleport in too often precisely because it is one of the most unsafe things a Dhalsim player can do. Don’t get lured into teleporting unsafely in hopes of landing his BnB for nice damage.

The only time you are safe coming out of a teleport is if the opponent is knocked down, has neutral jumped or jumped towards you before you tele’d, has stuck out a normal which they are recovering from as you appear behind them, or they are in block or hitstun from a Yoga Fire or Ultra 1. You can be hit out of even a jump canceled teleport, so there is no “safe attack” unless you first make sure the opponent is unable to put out their own attack because they are knocked down, in recovery from a move, or facing away from you in the air. And if that’s the case, then it’s not about the safety of your own attack, it’s about which is most likely to land.

A good way to mix up a blocking or knocked down opponent is to not do an attack in the air, but land and either do a which hits low, or do b+lp for an overhead (and combo into super if you have it). But keep in mind neither of these are “safe”, you are still gambling that your opponent won’t mash something out on you.

IMO, his matchup nightmares are Yun, Yang, Makoto, Fuerte, Viper, Abel, Rufus, Cammy, Adon… did I miss anyone?

Ibuki? Little slut is a yoga nightmare to fight.

Bison. Makoto is probably the worst. Yun and Yang I can “deal” with. Makoto and random cannon spikes are @ss.

oooo yeah i forgot about her…this is more @ss than Makoto to fight.