My Path of the Viper

Hi everyone since I have really have no one to vent to that would know or care about my SF travels I join this site hoping for tips and a understanding audience about my SF rants and raves. I’m by no means new to SF but never wanted to play at a Pro level which is very far from me right now but hey everyone started somewhere. Anyway to the point

Playing on PS3 with a TE fight stick I’m trying to learn to play Viper simply because everyone and their mom plays a ryu, ken, and akuma. I like to be different but like you guys said in the stickies Viper is not an easy person to learn.

My first question is what attack do you guys use to safely check space between you and an opponent when he is walking toward u or is standing in front of you? I learned this morning Med K does the trick but sometimes she kicks straight in the air which obviously gets me into trouble.

the next question i have is what is the best option for a crouching attack when you jump in that wont hurt too bad if its blocked

cr mk for both answers or cr mp. and although you arent new learning ryu or akuma or sagat would be, in my opinion, a better choice for now. there are so many crucial things to learn with those characters that need to be learned to be a good viper or player in general. from sagat you can learn to zone with tiger shots which you can apply to siesmos in a sense. with akuma you learn to have solid defense to stay alive and with ryu you learn basics. and although you said your not a beginner you still need these things to play viper well. without defense you will get murdered on wakeup and etc. oh and viper isnt that hard to learn from my perspective its just requires more practice than a yun or a ryu where you can just learn as you play. so hope this helps.

thanks for responding i took the advice of other threads and am starting to learn others first…i went with abel and now currently in love with dhalsim. I never thought I would bond with Dhalsim of all fighters but man I have I beat some people with really high battle points in the past week.

ya dhalsim is an interesting choice, he teaches you good tech defense and defense in general, he also teaches zoning and knowing the range of your pokes. however you may have trouble winning consistently until you become more comfortable with him.the only thing you dont really learn from him is offense, but playing a semi offensive dhalsim is possible but extremely risky. well good luck :slight_smile:

so far im not having really trouble winning consistently and when I do lose I know exaclty what I did wrong. What system do u play on?
The real trouble I’m having is fighting vega

i play on ps3. and i dont think vega is a hard matchup all you have to do is slide under his walldives i think

So i decide to go back to Viper to apply my new understanding of the game and well got my ass kicked by another Viper. How do you score an air knockdown as opposed to a regular attack that hits in the air? I’m not understanding that

whoa what the hell i ex air fire leg thing while he was close and it hit him like 3 times before she swung her legs…niiiice

send me a message with your PSN I haven’t figured that out yet lol

IMO you should probably start understanding the game a littler better and not just specific characters.

from what i can tell you are still a bit of a beginner and you need to understand game mechanics a bit better just like the guy above me said, before you take on viper

like I said I’m way more competent with Dhalsim over Viper her learning curve is steep like everyone else has said in this forum. I just ranked him up to C in lil over a week whereas my Viper is sitting pretty at 271 BP. Not giving up just having fun

thank u so much for that tip…it helped me win a few matches today cause i wasnt just throwing stuff out there to score a hit