My PC doesn't recognize my controller


Hey guys I need some help…

When I plug my stick in my PC it says that its connected…when I go to Devices on my Control Panel it also says the controller is connected…but when I press buttons to check if the controller works and stuff,non of the buttons register from my computer . I don’t really know what to do. Any tips on this? Thanks . I have a Windows 7 eMachines computer . On my on Windows XP computer everything was fine,but ever since I got a new computer I can’t use any controllers . I have a Madcatz SSF4 TE Stick btw .


Unplug all your other USB devices and then try the stick again. Also use the Ports on the motherboard itself as opposed to any front Ports. This happens to me sometimes.

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If it’s a PS3 TE stick, it won’t work on certain motherboards(lol)unless you have a chip. is the chip, and it’s on sale for 87% off. Just picked mine up.

Otherwise, I don’t know. Try the motionjoy or whatever program that is, I’ve heard others have success.