My PC is shutting down by itself

After having some virus fuck up my Windows installation, I threw Xp on an old 10 gig drive and used that to boot.

My 180 gig drive is now my secondary D drive.

When the computer does anything the least bit straining it cuts off [animated gifs and firefox easily shut it down].

In my bios screen, the only thing thats overheating is my cpu core.

What do you think is wrong and what should I do to fix it?

Ya think that might be a problem? :looney:

Maybe you forgot to plug your CPU fan back in when you swapped drives?

The fan is still hooked up. Shit, I even have my ac on and it doesnt help

Sounds like the virus is screwing with your system, doing stuff that would lead the CPU core to fry itself. The system is probably shutting down to protect the CPU. A friend of mine had a virus on his laptop that caused the videocard to overheat and now it is just screwed(thats what he said anyway).

Why not just wipe your 180GB drive clean and do a fresh reinstall with windows?

Also are you sure it is not a power supply problem, with things not hooked up right? A bad PSU can cause the system to shut down too.

I wiped the virus. A clean install sounds like a good idea, I just need to back up my data.

I’ll post up on how things turn out tomarrow.

if the cpu is showing as overheating in the BIOS, that’s before any OS or other software, including viruses, are running.

Is it just a little warm, or is it flat out too damn hot? If it’s dangerously hot, you need to fix the hardware cause of the overheating.

if you have a cmos virus your fucked.