My PC's infested with viruses, I need the best adware and spyware remover on the net

My main concearn are these trojans that divert websites. I cant log onto hotmail or facebook or most of the sites I visit (including SRK at times, even google) without being diverted to some random website. It usually occurs after I give my username and password so i’m assuming someone’s stealing my personal info.

I need the best adware and spyware remover on the net (free preferably or otherwise if need be) because I dont think my Symantec Virus scanner works at all. Any help will be appreciated.

I use Zonealarm, it’s really good but it’s not free. I don’t really know any good free ones to recommend although I hear AVG is good.

I think your best bet would be to just format your hard drive and start over, then just take precautions to avoid getting viruses and spyware in the first place.

Reformatting is the best virus remover.

Forget free, man. It’s well worth the investment to get Nod32 by Eset. and spybot search and destroy. Run them in safe mode.

Super Anti-Spyware Free Edition and CCleaner are also good to have around.


Format and reinstall for sure. Then get Avira (like 1 add pop up a day but great for free) and free Zonealarm. And for god’s sake use Firefox with Noscript.

Hooray. Finally a thread where the consensus is to reload. My faith has been restored.

Backup your data, reinstall Windows and install a free AV and firewall. Use Firefox and don’t download random crap.

Get Malwarebytes. I’ve been getting infected these past two weeks too. I get the virus that looks like a windows alert but is actually a ploy to buy some remover tool. Use TDSSKiller if the virus you get won’t let you open your spyware remover tools after you install it. Use RKill to stop the processes if the virus won’t let you get to your task manager to kill the process.

format, reinstall your OS with all of the latest security updates
install Avira antivirus, set it to run at least once a week
if you use Firefox, get adblock plus
use some kind of firewall (router is the best one, I’m not fond of software firewalls)
don’t open email from people you don’t know
stop visiting porn sites

Follow this guide:

You may not have the same exact spyware or virus on your computer, but I’ve used this twice now on 2 different computes and it works like a charm.

Keep that on your computer, then download avast! free. Been using that anti virus for 4 years now and every computer I put it on ceases to have virus issues from then on. Then using a decent internet browser like Opera or Chrome.

Formatting should be your very last option.

Format is your best option here, forget about cleaning them out one by one.

After you’ve installed all your apps, setting etc get a copy of Acronis True Image Home 2010 and do an image of your C: drive and back it up on an external or a secondary HD.
This comes in handy when the next time your Rig gets taken over by crap ware.

It takes about 20-30 min to install your image with all your settings and apps depending on your rig set up. a time saver.

You can also make a boot cd and boot into Acronis then install your OS ans apps from boot up

Good luck!!

Thanks guys, i’d rep you all if I could.

Formatting is my last option but seeing as I only have 2 options it is inevitable.

From what I read and also experience, I believe it’s actually better to run them in normal mode rather than safe mode.

When I ran the scans in safe mode, it never got rid of the trojan, but in normal mode, it detected everything within one scan.

There is no good anti-virus there all shit, Yourself is the best anti-virus, Get firefox, Get Adblock, Don’t download fucking stupid shit.

Avast has always worked well for me.

If you have another computer available, the best way is to remove the hdd and scan it on a clean, protected computer. I use Norton (yes, it’s good starting with 2009) and Malwarebytes. Delete your temp internet folders as well. Otherwise it’ll be a cat and mouse game. You need to get rid of the main infections when they’re not resident in memory. Sometimes safemode isn’t enough.

Then put the hdd back and run the same scanners again in safemode, then again in normal mode. If you’re on XP, also try SDFIX in safemode.

Avoid the free scanners. They tend to not work. I only trust Norton and Kaspersky.

Once it’s totally clean and internet still does not work, and if you’re on XP, go find winsockfix and run it.

I’ve had 2 people I know switch from paying for Mcafee and Norton to going free with avast! and they couldn’t be happier. 4 years avast has done me good and every computer I put it on ceases to have virus issues once it’s installed.

Heres it’s awards and certifications if you’re not convinced:

Furthermore, Google has just adopted avast into their Google Pack.


Avast and AVG are both great virus scanners. Scan in safe mode or reformat and them make sure you have one of those anti-virus programs active all the time afterward.