My personal breakthrough. a ryu i'm finally happy with

this may not mean much to most of you here, but i was finally able to draw the ryu i’m satisfied with. been a long time since i drew and not being able to draw ryu the way i wanted always discouraged me from picking up a pencil again.

so here he is, and thanks for looking.

comments and critiques are always welcome.

it’s very good.
it isn’t a stright copy from somewhere though ,is it?
i feel like i have seen it before.

thanks for looking. =)

and no way man, not a copy from ANYWHERE. which is why i’m so proud of it.

just so this thread isn’t too boring for you guys here, i’m gonna post some drawings i did a while ago. i posted these already, but since it’s been a while, i figured i’d post them again.

someone here colored it, but unfortunately i was never able to see it finished. hehe hope you’re still here, i’d like to see what you did =D.

here are my earlier attempts of ryu from a few years ago, wasn’t really satisfied with them.

they look good aswell. :slight_smile:

i like the linework, not a big fan of graphite for value.

What he said ^

my brother does that a lot, making heavy ass lines and using pencils to shade cause he can’t cut a clean line. But otherwise nice.

Reminds me of the sketches for 3s Ryu a.

no one’s gonna at least critique these?

edit: shameless bump with something i also did a whole ago. tried to redesign sakura on the top right. as for ibuki, tried to go for the younger look.

These are acually pretty good…very good! I ask of you to use hard brushes the next time you color your lineart, just to see what it would look like. there are many tutorials on dA which you could relate to on that matter

thanks to all of you for the replies. =D

yeah, i’m definitely not a well rounded artist. can’t even do basic stuff like coloring. never spent any proper amount of time with photoshop. it just looks too intimidating. i’ll definitely check out the “hard brushes” on DA. thanks for the tip!

bump once more with old art. redesigns on andy bogard and guy.

i like the sakura and ibuki,
that’s what they would be like in sf4 if time and space existed in capcom’s world.

hmm… add slight muscle detail? I bet your art will look similar to akimans if you did

wow great line work. art style is similar to the way i draw SF which is based off of kinu and akiman.

what did you guys mean by not a fan of the graphite? im knew to the terms and everything. did you mean you didnt like that they look very “rough” and “sketchy??” those are my favorite types

That art he has reminded me of 3s when I first saw it.
btw nice Sakura redesign, her hair isn’t always perfectly short! One thing I would like to do or see someone do is create realistic redesigns of the sf cast. Chun li would not wear that dumb costume of hers all the time you know. As for Ryu… Meh, prob the same costume wise, he’s a wanderer with like 2 sets of clothes. He’d prob look a lot more like “trueryu” though, because he really couldn’t shave or get haircuts all that often.

BTW, trueryu, if I were a mugen type of person, I’d probbably create a “true ryu” character based off your avi. No idea what I’d give him as move diffs, prob would be more gouken-like.

pretty solid imo, a picky critique would ask for a lil more in the way of clothing “interest” (wrinkles, silouette)
but what would i know lol
btw, i especially like the motion in your, moving hair frames outline

thank you for the recognition man. that is the Old Ryu i envisioned for when Ryu finally realizes his potential and becomes a completely enlightened fighter. I drew it before they ever announced or showed Gouken for SF4 and i was surprised at the resemblance. i’ve done a few re designs of Ryu, always making sure to make him like a rugged mountain man.

i like drugz’ style since its a mix of akiman and kinu. im not sure which style its more of, but its awesome. still, what did you guys mean about graphite for value and not being able to cut a clean line here?

I like this one best. It’s not too anime-influenced, and looks nice and solid.
what crits are you looking for? any specific areas?

that one is the one that got the 3s train of thought going.

honestly I think hed prob use slightl toned down versions of cert moves (shin ryu). For instance tatsu would prob just be a quick, single kick that spaces like a super gadoken (lol). Dragon punch could be just a crouching upper or a hard straight (hey,the rising dp is likely a variant of the original anyway.)

some really talented artists here, looks great =D